She's the luckiest girl alive

So, recording went pretty well. We recorded Thunder, The Rainy Day Song, Characterization, and Angel. I will get the recordings on the MySpace and the PureVolume as soon as I have them. Or I can make Ben do it. *shrug* Anyway, they turned out decent sounding, except Angel, which ended up being kind of weird. I mean, it sounds fine, but we didn't end up doing what we were going to do. What was going to happen was Josh would sing the verses and I would sing the chorus, and we would each sing some harmony. But Josh wasn't really getting the harmonies down like he wanted them, and he was having trouble with the rhythm on the verses. So I ended up just singing the whole thing and he harmonized a little bit. It turned out alright.

I'm currently uploading pictures to TFP's PureVolume. I have been meaning to do that for a long time. I also need to write the billboard.

That's about it.

Mara (sings to fireflies)

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