They're going to come to light tonight, but not for the last time

So, yesterday was my 16th birthday. I got a huge surprise party. It was basically amazing.

Here is a list of presents I got and who I got them from.

Sierra: Oh, Gravity! by Switchfoot
Andrew: The same thing as Sierra, so he's going to exchange it and get me something different.
Tonia: Super cute shirt thing and lip gloss (I think the lip gloss was from Tonia at least).
Andy: Family Christian Bookstore gift card. Oh, but he didn't buy it for me. He got for Christmas. He didn't even know how much was on it. Yep. That's my brother. *stare* But I love him anyway even if he's a bad gift giver. *laugh*
Kacy: Bookmark that his mom made. *giggle*
Daniel: Earrings that his sister made. *giggle again* They are such boys.
Makensie: Hot chocolate, apple cider (In little just add water packets, too. Weird, huh?), a game I'm just borrowing, another mug, and little peppermint sticks to put in my hot chocolate.
Emily: Sound of Melodies by Leeland. So far it's a really really really good CD.
Kristin: Singing Back To You by The Swift. Also pretty good.
Lenna: Black nail polish, pinkish reddish maroonish nail polish, fuzzy slipper sock things, awesome swirly glittery pencils that aren't mechanical.
Jessica: Family Christian Bookstore gift card (she actually knew how much was on hers) and a really nice card.
Mom and Dad: mp3 player
Real siblings: knitting stuff that makes a funky scarf and hat.

So yeah. I'm still kind of taking it all in. *grin* It was really cool. Yeah. That's about all I can think of to say.

Love you guys!



  1. Cross-poster. Tsk.

    The list of presents reminds me of something. *raised eyebrows*

    And, finally, you are delightful company on the telephone, just to repeat what's been said previously.

  2. I am glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday. *smile*

    I hope you had an equally wonderful New Years!