Get back on the front page, baby

So, that last post was the 50th post. Hooray!

Awww, thanks Adri! I am excited to get it! If it gets here before my actual birthday am I allowed to open it early, or do I have to wait until the 30th?

Smallhansboi, am I still not allowed to buy/ask for Eat. Sleep. Repeat.?

School was fine today. Not terribly out of the ordinary. Talked to Kacy, talked to Sawyer, talked to Shelbi, talked to Emily (she was there for a tennis meeting), talked to some other people probably, same old same old. Except I didn't have to ride the bus today.

Guitar lessons went well. Little Ben is doing quite well, considering he's 7. I'm impressed.

Baby Grace is sick. So you all know.

I babysat Carter and Owen. We watched most of Superman Returns, and will continue watching it on Saturday when I babysit them again.

I like shoes. That makes me sound horrifically girly, but it's true.

I should go sleep now.

Mara, Queen of the Fairy Princesses With Big Machine Guns


  1. You can open it before. I would. *shrug*
    Anyway happy Friday! *hug*

    I really want to get some Puma's. They are kind of cute and look really comfortable.

  2. Shoes are cool. I saw another pair of high-heeled chucks, so you can hate me again for not buying them.

    You said Smallhansboi. *snickers*

  3. Hurrah for longevity!

    No. No you're not.

    My shoes are likable. That said, they're the most tattered pair of chucks/fake chucks I've ever seen.

    If you take any big machine guns to bed, please remember to turn the safety on.