On these boats ride the hopes of working class boys dreaming of girls from far away points...

Andrew is amazing.  I am sure that some of you are sure that I only think that because he is my boyfriend and so of course I think that, but if you knew him you would understand.  He is amazing.  For two weeks we didn't see each other, and so last night he FINALLY gets back, and I was already really excited, but I get home from work and who is standing in my back yard waiting for me?  Yes, Andrew.  So.Sweet.  And he brought me chocolates.  AWESOMESAUCE.

Anyway, he is the best.  Today we went for a walk on a nice little trail up in Ames.  We also walked around the mall and ate some tropical sno.  It was really nice.

I missed that boy a lot.  I am glad he is home.

Tomorrow a very sleep deprived me is going to work.  I am not going to have an typos on anything that I work on.  I am also not going to eat crazy amounts of food.  And when I am done working I am going to do some crunches and go to sleeeeeeeeep.  Dieting for the win! (Yes, I did just spell that out.  So wh  at.)

Wednesday night is my last night working at Panera, which is exciting.  It has been a pretty good place to work so far, but I am glad it is over, just so that I can have time to do things.  It is going to be a good thing.

I need to write more songs.

I am listening to a good playlist right now.  I made it.  I have good taste in music.

I miss my big brother.  College sucks.

Tuesday night - Lost
Wednesday night - Panera
Thursday night - worship team
Friday night - FOOTBALL!!!  Go little bro!
Saturday - Prairie Fest talent show (I think it is just a show this year and not a competition.  Oh well.  No $100 for me.)
Sunday - Church at the park, other Prairie Fest stuff
Monday - work and maybe Lost

I am ready to sleep now, I think.

Mara Tenille


Halfway around the world lies the one thing that you want...

A friend of mine is leaving at the end of this week. One of my best. He is my big brother, and I am his baby sis'. When I want to laugh the hardest I go to him. When I need to be cheered up he always makes it happen. We shared earbuds and annoyed the people around us by humming along with the songs we were listening to, or sometimes just belting it out as if everyone could hear the music. Sometimes in school we had southern accent days, or sometimes we had musical days where we could only sing the things we said. We just had fun all the time. He very quickly grew to be one of my favorite people. I don't want him to leave. But Patrick will be leaving for UNI on Saturday, and that will be that.

And to add to all of that business, I miss Andrew. Tomorrow is his birthday. He will be 18. He comes home on Saturday. One more week. I can do it.



I hold it all when I hold you...

Hello little blog! I am back from vacation. I will not proceed to tell you all about it.

The family reunion was first, and was fun. Not really anything to comment on there, except that my cousins have some really cute kids.

The vacation part of the vacation was good. I got sort of homesick, so I am glad to be home. I kayaked a teensy bit, just around the little swimming area of the lake. I didn't really swim lots, but I did fish a little bit, but we declared that the lake was mostly fishless. I also crocheted like a little old lady. I made some neato things. And I lounged around the cabins and gained a couple pounds, but that brings me to my next point... the diet plan! W00tW00t!

So, Andrew informed me a couple of weeks ago that after he is back from Houston he is going to stop eating junk food and start working out, and that I had to make sure he did it. So, in order to motivate him, and in order to buff up my bod, I am going to do it too. So I am going to cut out junk food and pop and start working out more. So, Andrew is supposed to keep me motivated, and I am supposed to keep him motivated, and if anyone else would like to join us in either getting in shape or keeping us motivated, you are more than welcome. So, here is my thinking:

  • At least 100 crunches per day
  • No junk food. This includes chocolate, candy, and Pop Tarts. Basically all my favorite things. *sniff*
  • Yoga and Pilates, baby.
  • Once a week I can have Mountain Dew or candy or chocolate. Just once a week. No exceptions.
  • This shindig starts when Andrew gets back. Which will either be Thursday or Saturday, if I remember right

So yep. That's the deal.

Anyway, I have to go and unload stuff now.

I miss my boy. *sniffle*

The Butterfly Child


We're only taking turns holding this world, it's how it's always been, when you're older you'll understand...

...And then again, maybe you won't.

I am worried for two of my friends, because they are hurting, and there is not anything I can do. A year and a half is a long time to be with someone, and I know that having to end that has been and will be hard on them both. On the more selfish side of things, I hope that my friendship with each of them is not impacted.

I am not feeling well today. All day long I have just been weird. My head is spinny and all sorts of weird things are hurting. And I still have to work at Panera until 10 tonight.

Work has been pretty good today. I am nearly finished with the advertisement I have been working on, which is a good feeling. I like to be productive.

Last night was my last youth group ever. I would probably have a lot to say about it if I wasn't feeling to crappy. It was a lot of fun. I am going to miss all my friends. I have to say, it is going to be nice to have that free time on Sunday nights. So, I am no longer a high schooler in any way. That is pretty cool.

Ouch. Headache. What the heck is wrong with me today?

Well, it is just about time to head out. I have to go and pick up my clothes and change and then head to Panera. *sigh*