Innocence gone, never take friendship personal, if you can't hold yourself together why should I hold you now...

Today is bipolar.  Very, very bipolar.  Sometimes I wonder if I am bipolar.  So far I have always concluded that I'm just an 18-year-old.  Today I decided is just stupid and unable to make up its mind on whether it is going to make me feel wonderful or craptastic.

I have no money.  Look both ways before you cross the street, kids.  You know those 2008 Acuras.  They'll come back to bite you and your little convertible, too.

Sprint has the stupidest, most senseless cellphone plans of all the service providers I can think of.  Don't choose them.

Today I remembered why Andy Harmsen is my little brother.  It's because he is awesome.  He carries your 24 pack of Diet Mountain Dew through the store for you, and he makes sure that your boyfriend has the opportunity to ride with him to come visit you at work, and he tells you that the massive dent and scraped paint on the side of your car "isn't that bad."  Those are all good brotherly things to do.  Andy is a good brother, and a good friend.  And... get this, ladies... he's single.  Catch him while you still can, because it's first come, first serve.

I found the school photos of Carter and Owen that I thought I had lost.  They were in a weird pocket in my laptop bag.  I was excited that I didn't accidentally throw them away, which is what I had wondered.  They weren't even wrinkled or scratched, which was an added bonus.  They are sitting proudly on the corner of a picture frame in my office.

My boyfriend thinks I am beautiful.  He loves me, even though I am a weirdo.

I bought some of the makeup that is on my Christmas/Birthday list.  If anyone gets me that, which I sort of doubt, it will be fine though, because I can always just save it to use when mine runs out.  I was running out of foundation, and there was a sale, and stuff, so yeah.  Probably no one cares about that, but since it's my blog I can talk about whatever I want.  I love blogs for that reason.  So don't buy me more makeup, unless you are fine with the fact that it is probably just going to get stuck in my makeup bag for a while.

Liquid foundation makes me feel like a Barbie doll.  And not in a good way.

So, Thanksgiving happened.  It was a pretty normal Thanksgiving.  My grandparent's dog ate my SkullCandies, so I am buying new, fancier ones.  Thank you, Amazon, for having good deals.  $22 instead of $60 is pretty rockin'.

Today Jeremy and Aleah and Kenny and Andy came and had lunch with me and Matt at work because Jeremy and Aleah are headed back to Florida tonight.  It was a fun lunch.  Hy-Vee Chinese is so, so, so delicious.  Mmmmmmongolian beef.  Yummy.

The movie The Blind Side is amazing.  Everyone should go see it.

I hope the last part of Andrew's Christmas present comes on time, or else I'll be sad.  It's a good present.

I play the Sims 2 a lot these days.  That's because it's the best game ever, in the whole world.

Well, I am off to Christmas shop now.



You're an artist, I'm a silly jerk, I think that dynamic could work...

Christmas/Birthday list, reposted and revised:
A note on the Etsy stuff for people who aren't familiar with it:  If an item is sold out, just look on the seller's page for another one of the same item.

Hmm.  I was sure I had thought of more.  I think I just forgot them.  Oh well.

Today I am tired.  Yesterday I was tired.  I don't remember if I was tired the day before that or not, but I probably was.  In short: I need a hardcore nap and I'm not getting one any time soon.

 I don't know what else to talk about.



A new afterthought, a stupid idea, I stayed home all day and wished you were here, it's been a hard year...

You know what makes me kinda mad?  When people are convinced they they are right and that anyone who believes differently is stupid or is naive or is foolish because they believe otherwise.  I mean, obviously there are times that things are a little different, like yes, Jesus is the only way to God, I am right, anyone who believes something is wrong, there is no other way, etc., but seriously, let's at least understand that the people who DO believe otherwise also think they are right.  We aren't the only ones with an opinion that we feel strongly about.  Atheists believe that God doesn't exist, possibly just as firmly as we believe that God does exist.  So why do people act like they're stupid for believing something different?  Like they're fools who can't think just because they're wrong?  I even see people do that about those little facets of Christianity that are really just details that don't even (in my opinion, ironically enough) affect ones salvation, like parts of the whole Calvinism vs. Arminianism debate.  Calvinists think that Arminians are idiots, and Arminians think Calvinists are idiots.  Neither of them really knows who is right.  Maybe they're both right, maybe they're both wrong, maybe they should just get over themselves.  Makes me sick.  I don't care if people believe strongly in something, and I think it's great when people do, but seriously, it's not like people are retards because they don't think like you do.  Give everyone some credit and just assume that they are smarter than you.  Chances are, they have just as much knowledge to offer you as you have to offer them.

Anyway, I don't know if any of that paragraph made sense, because frankly, I don't really proofread my blog posts.  You guys get it all raw and natural, exactly the way it comes out of my brain.

In other news, I'm still prom dress shopping.  I really don't know what I want, except that I think I want to have a little more fun with the whole ensemble this year.  Also, soon I am going to revise my Christmas/birthday list, again.  So if you were just aching inside because you didn't already have a million ideas, you're in luck, because I've come up with more stuff.

I am tired.  In pretty much all ways that a person can be tired, I think.

I am very far behind in NaNoWriMo.  That's really all there is to say about that.

Today after work I have to stop by the eye doctor to see if they can switch my contacts with a different brand that doesn't hurt my eyes so much.  I don't know why these ones have started bothering me so much, but I want to try something new and I haven't opened the box yet.  Anyway, yes.  After that I'll probably go to Michael's and get some yarn, because I am going to crochet some Mary Jane slipper socks.  Or try to, at least.

I am completely lacking creative ability today.  My brain is feeling pretty much worthless right now.



You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I tried to sleep...

I like this song, and I like Owl City.  A lot of people like Owl City, it seems, which is cool.  Sophie insists that she liked them before the rest of the world knew about them, but I think that in reality she just found out about them at the same time as everyone else, so she already knew who they were when everyone started talking about them.  But you know, hey, maybe she's right.  If she read this, which she probably won't, she would probably bring up the time when I said that I thought up the saying "real men wear pink" before I had ever seen a t-shirt that said it.  She translated that to mean "I thought of the phrase 'real men wear pink' before anyone else did," and now she won't let me live down something that didn't even really happen.

So, the dude that is Owl City?  He loves Jesus.  I love it when I find an artist that I like and then I find out AFTERWARD that they love Jesus.  High five for you, Adam who is Owl City.  I am glad you know Jesus, and I am glad you are a fellow insomniac, and I'm glad your music is so awesome.

Life is basically perfect at this moment.  Animal crackers, coffee, and Owl City.  Fantastic.

NaNoWriMo update:  It is going surprisingly well.  I am not too overly stressed about it, and I have gotten my writing done every day so far.  Sarah (she is da bombdiggity, and she lives in Ohio) showed me this thing called Write or Die, where you tell it how many words you want to write and how soon you want to write them and how badly you need to get it done, and then it forces you to write by making an obnoxious sound or throwing a pop up in front of you or deleting your words until you start writing again.  It is awesome at tricking you into thinking that something terrible will happen if you don't keep writing.  Psychological manipulation is great.

Today someone thought I was 22 years old. *pumps fist*

Well, tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, which is lame, but whatever.  I won't even tell you about the disgusting issues I'm having, except that my hair looks awful.  That's all you need to know.

On the brighter side of things, Andrew and I are going to FINALLY see Where the Wild Things Are tomorrow, and I am really excited.  I've been waiting for this movie since last spring when they first released the trailer.  We're going to get gelato at Stam beforehand, too, which is tasty and delicious and fun.

I have pink Chucks on.  I will have pink Chucks on for another 26 days.



I threw it all away, and the best part is not knowing just what I threw away...

NaNoWriMo has begun, and so far I'm clocked in with 1,928 words.  Today was easy.  Not sure how the rest of the month will be.  Eventually I am pretty sure I am going to run out of things to write about and start making up crazy things.  So we'll see if this novel turns out to be totally worthless.  Frankly, I don't really care that much, I just want to get to 50,000 words.

Today I got a new pair of bright pink high-top Converse Chuck Taylors.  They rock.  I am going to wear them everywhere until NaNoWriMo is over.  They will be good shoes to be stuck in.

Tomorrow night is Andy's big game.  I'm excited for it.  I really hope they win!  I think that this is the game where if we win then we get to play at the Dome.  That would be pretty awesome.

I have a headache.  Grrrrr.  I don't like that.

On Thursday Andrew and I are going to see Where the Wild Things Are.  I am super excited.  I have been waiting for months and months and months to see that movie.

I sang a Bebo Norman song this morning for church.  I love Bebo.  Great Light of the World is awesome stuff.

I have two fingernails with hangnails.  They hurt.  My toes also hurt from wearing crazy heels this morning.  So I am just in pain all over right now I guess.  Good grief.

Well, it's time for me to go to bed, and I don't really have much to write about tonight.  So, I hope your day is wonderful and whatnot.