Innocence gone, never take friendship personal, if you can't hold yourself together why should I hold you now...

Today is bipolar.  Very, very bipolar.  Sometimes I wonder if I am bipolar.  So far I have always concluded that I'm just an 18-year-old.  Today I decided is just stupid and unable to make up its mind on whether it is going to make me feel wonderful or craptastic.

I have no money.  Look both ways before you cross the street, kids.  You know those 2008 Acuras.  They'll come back to bite you and your little convertible, too.

Sprint has the stupidest, most senseless cellphone plans of all the service providers I can think of.  Don't choose them.

Today I remembered why Andy Harmsen is my little brother.  It's because he is awesome.  He carries your 24 pack of Diet Mountain Dew through the store for you, and he makes sure that your boyfriend has the opportunity to ride with him to come visit you at work, and he tells you that the massive dent and scraped paint on the side of your car "isn't that bad."  Those are all good brotherly things to do.  Andy is a good brother, and a good friend.  And... get this, ladies... he's single.  Catch him while you still can, because it's first come, first serve.

I found the school photos of Carter and Owen that I thought I had lost.  They were in a weird pocket in my laptop bag.  I was excited that I didn't accidentally throw them away, which is what I had wondered.  They weren't even wrinkled or scratched, which was an added bonus.  They are sitting proudly on the corner of a picture frame in my office.

My boyfriend thinks I am beautiful.  He loves me, even though I am a weirdo.

I bought some of the makeup that is on my Christmas/Birthday list.  If anyone gets me that, which I sort of doubt, it will be fine though, because I can always just save it to use when mine runs out.  I was running out of foundation, and there was a sale, and stuff, so yeah.  Probably no one cares about that, but since it's my blog I can talk about whatever I want.  I love blogs for that reason.  So don't buy me more makeup, unless you are fine with the fact that it is probably just going to get stuck in my makeup bag for a while.

Liquid foundation makes me feel like a Barbie doll.  And not in a good way.

So, Thanksgiving happened.  It was a pretty normal Thanksgiving.  My grandparent's dog ate my SkullCandies, so I am buying new, fancier ones.  Thank you, Amazon, for having good deals.  $22 instead of $60 is pretty rockin'.

Today Jeremy and Aleah and Kenny and Andy came and had lunch with me and Matt at work because Jeremy and Aleah are headed back to Florida tonight.  It was a fun lunch.  Hy-Vee Chinese is so, so, so delicious.  Mmmmmmongolian beef.  Yummy.

The movie The Blind Side is amazing.  Everyone should go see it.

I hope the last part of Andrew's Christmas present comes on time, or else I'll be sad.  It's a good present.

I play the Sims 2 a lot these days.  That's because it's the best game ever, in the whole world.

Well, I am off to Christmas shop now.



  1. You have good friends. Andy made a real impression on me. He seems like the kind of guy I would want to be around. Well, I could say that for a lot of the people I met out there.

  2. Dear you;

    It's fine to have money, it's fine to not. It's good to have friends, it's unsurpassable to have good friends.

    I'm glad you have good friends, Mara. Even if I'm speaking in some strange prose/verse hybrid, today.