Don't let these spiders crawl up beside us, they want to bite us, inject the virus...

This song title probably brings back some of the fondest memories of any of the song titles I've used for dedications so far.  Not because the others aren't meaningful or that they don't remind me of the person, but this one seems different somehow.  Maybe it's due to the fact that this blog is dedicated to more than one person.  In fact, it's dedicated to three people.  Three little boys.  Really, really, really cute and awesome ones.  Quite possibly the cutest.  This blog is dedicated to my main men, Carter, Owen, and Lewis.

I met the Harms family like... four or so years ago now.  I'm not totally sure, but it's been a while.  Anyway, so I am pretty sure I started babysitting them when Owen was barely two and Carter was threeish.  (I am not good with time periods, so bear with me)  Lewis was not even an idea yet, so we won't talk about him yet.  Carter was this sweet little crazy kid who liked to wear superhero costumes and watch movies.  Owen was hilarious and spastic and loved any music with a heavy bass line and a good beat, but he had an awful temper and he would throw some massive tantrums.  One time I made him mad by not giving him more snack, and he had been crying and screaming, and he had calmed down a little bit but he was still mad, so he threw his face into the hardwood floor so that he would cry more.  It was pretty hilarious, but don't tell anyone.  He also liked to "rock," which means he would sit on his hands and knees or up on the couch and rock back and forth to the beat of whatever music is playing.  Carter was more of a talker, if I'm remembering right, and even though he liked music, he liked to watch videos and play with toys and stuff.  Both of them were constantly wearing some superhero costume.  ALWAYS.  Hardly a moment went by that they were not wearing one.  They were my favorite.  Babysitting became less of a job and more of a fun thing I got to do, to the point that I have gotten into the habit of asking Kim and Corey if they need a babysitter any time soon so I can come and play with them.

Several years have gone by since then.  Carter is in first grade, Owen is in kindergarten, and Lewis has since been born and turned one.  Carter became super shy somewhere along the line, and likes to watch videos and play with his friends and catch bugs and frogs and stuff.  I don't usually see much of him when I'm over at their house, because he is a busy little man, playing outside or watching Magic School Bus or Batman or something.  Owen is the little craft-maker.  He's always coloring or making something cool.  One time he corrected me on how I was coloring in my Superman coloring page.  Lewis loves popsicles and likes to "rock" like Owen did when he was littler.  Sometimes I will walk into his house and he will start running into furniture so I will laugh at him.  It's pretty cute.  Sometimes he is very serious, and other times he is a little spaz.  It sort of just depends on his mood.

Anyway, those boys are basically my bestest buddies.  Life is so much simpler when all you have to worry about is what video you're going to watch or whether you want to be Batman or Spiderman.  Why is everything so complicated, anyway?  I would rather color.