I can't see tomorrow, but I'll see you tonight...



There. Are you all happy with me?

The Butterfly Child


Take my hand to the Promised Land, on you I want to stand, because I cannot do this on my own...

Today is one of those days that seems to keep bouncing back and forth between amazing and awful.  *laugh*  Right now it is a good day.  I will explain.
So, today I went to school.  That was uneventful.  Then I came home and then I left again.  I was later than I wanted to be, so I was already sort of uppity.  I went to the bank and then managed to cash the check that I had meant to deposit, so that was a little bit embarrassing and ridiculous, but then I eventually managed to sort it all out by cashing everything and then depositing some of the cash.  So, that worked out fine actually, but it felt like a disaster.  Then, as I was peeling out of the parking lot (not really) the cash that I had just gotten flew off of the little cupholder thing and onto the floor in front of the passenger seat.  So, I was like "Oh snap!  I am an idiot!" and then I sort of freaked out.  So, I stopped to get some Nectar of the Gods, known to most as Mountain Dew, from the fountain at Casey's and went to pick up the money off the floor and I couldn't find the ten.  The $20 was there, and the photo from prom that I will talk about later, and so I was flipping out all over myself.  Then I went in to get my delicious cup of heaven, and then came back and I looked and the $10 was stuck up above the little drawer under the passenger seat.  So then I was happy again.  Then I went to Sally Beauty to get some nail polish, and it was Buy 2 Get One Free!  And since I was planning on buying two anyway, that was pretty fantastic.  However, throughout my time in Ankeny I inadvertently drove rather maniacly, so then I felt stupid again.  Then I also realized that I already bent the picture that Andrew and I had taken at prom, and I've only had it since this morning, so I was man.  And now I am in class and happy because my papers are done and I have Mountain Dew.  The end.
Now that that is out of the way, I will talk about other stuff.
Only a few more days of DMACC and I am done for the year.  That is awesome.
The Olson's are here!  Yay!
I miss Andrew terribly.
My rockin' awesome graduation bonfire is on Friday, May 22nd at 7.  You should come!
Mara Tenille


Look around for the closest to blame, but look no further than the hands beneath your arms...

Right now I am in Comp.  It isn't as boring right now as it usually is, because we are writing a paper.  I already started it so I am not feeling a terrible need to work on it at the moment, although I am being diligent.  I am just taking a break for the sake of regaining some inspiration.
Tonight I am going to a magic show with my ASL friends.  I am actually kind of excited.  I say "actually" because I haven't been, up until now.  I went back and forth about whether or not I should go for the whole week, and finally decided today.  I think it is going to be fun.  It is a deaf magician, and he is going to be in Des Moines performing for all the deaf kids.  I think it is going to be really neat to see.
This week I learned about paper pinhole cameras.  I am going to try and make one, I think.  I am sure it is a little bit over my head, but it would still be fun to try, and I have some film sitting around left over from my photography class last semester.
I don't think that getting old will bother me. [/random]
Well, I just decided to be finished with my paper for the class period.  We're done in a few minutes, and I made some good progress considering I really only worked on it for about 1/2 an hour.
And now class is over.  Bye!


Faith left me staring at the ceiling through the night, it's freaking me out...

What is with me? Seriously! I am exhausted all day, and then I can't sleep at night. I spend the whole afternoon tired and ready for a nap, and then it finally gets late enough that I can sleep and I find a thousand things to keep me up, or no things and just awakeness. I don't understand. Maybe once school is over I will become nocternal, because this is getting ridiculous.

I had the respiratory flu most of this week. I woke up Sunday morning with a fever, and it lasted until Thursday. Since then I have felt much better, but I am still coughing and still tired.

I guess that is the whole update.



Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you...

Okay. I have not blogged in a very long time. So, here is a breakdown of the last while.

Prom was wonderful. I had such an amazing time. The dance was way more fun and way less perverted than my friends had made it sound, and although the first hour kind of dragged, we were definitely not ready for it to be over once 11:30 rolled around. However, we were soon off to post prom, which was also a lot of fun. We bowled and played some games and won some rockin' prizes. I won a digital camera, which is really awesome, because my old one was pretty lame. Andrew and Jessica each won some iPod speakers, and Greg won a 19" flat screen TV. I don't remember if anyone else won anything other than t-shirts and coupons and stuff. Coupons are lame prizes, by the way. If you are ever planning a post prom, don't use coupons as prizes, unless they are really cool coupons. 20% off your bill at Perkins does not equal cool.

Hmm. What else has happened since prom. I don't know. Probably just random, uneventful things. I am not really thinking too clearly, because I currently have the respiratory flu. I have a low fever and I keep coughing up my lungs. It's not really very fun, but I will get over it eventually. I didn't go to school today, which was pretty nice. I was supposed to go hang out with Gabe today, but it doesn't look like that will happen unless my fever is gone and I can convince Mom, which is highly unlikely.

Wendesday I have my third and final video check due in ASL. I hope I don't do as crapfully on this one as I did on the last one.

On Saturday I am going to Eli's tee ball game! Yay! I am super excited for that, actually. I think Andrew is maybe going to come with me so I don't have to drive to Des Moines alone.

Well, I am going to go and find some food and make some cappuccino and do homework. I have a lot to get done. Hopefully I will be able to nap for awhile, too. That would be good.

The rather ill Butterfly

PS) Cafe Diem and Blinks have not gotten back to me. I will stop in to Cafe Diem sometime soon though, and I will see if Ben still has all of his Blinks connections. I am trying to be proactive.


When you love someone but it goes to waste, could it be worse?

I emailed Blinks and Cafe Diem yesterday and asked if they would be interested in having a local musician play some shows for them and donating the proceeds to Mikayla.  I have not heard back from either of them, and I'm not even sure that the Cafe Diem email is being used anymore, but it is a start.  Soon I will stop in at Cafe Diem and just ask them in person.  But right now I am not really ready for that kind of commitment. *laugh*  The idea of playing again kind of scared me a little bit.  I don't know why.  It just does.
I am a sleepy child.
Right now I am listening to Coldplay.  Good stuff.
Now I need to get my bread ready to go.