This is going to break me clean in two, this is going to bring me close to you...

Mara has two jobs now.  Hooray!

My new job is doing graphic design for Info2Go, a new company that is putting television screens above gas pumps with advertisements and news and weather and whatnot displayed on it.  Anyway, I will be designing the ads, assuming these first couple of weeks go well.  It sounds like it could be a really neat opportunity.  I'm excited.  I am hoping, though, that I am able to keep working at Panera, just because it's that much more money and because I think I will enjoy working there.  However, this Info2Go thing is just a way better opportunity, assuming I am able to do what they want, and so really that is what I have to think about.  If I can't do both I will not be too down about it or anything.  But you know.  It's nice to stay busy, and earn money. 

I realized today that it would not take me very long to save for a new guitar.  A pretty nice one, even.  Mom wasn't too keen on that.

Panera is going well so far.  I have around 17 hours this week, which is pretty good, in my opinion.

VBS is happening this week.  It's pretty fun.  I missed about half of it tonight because I had to work, but I will be there the rest of the week.  I get to work with the 1st and 2nd graders, which is fun because a lot of them are kids I have been around at VBS since they were in Pre-K/K.  Plus, Carter and Owen are both in my group, which is just rockin'.

I need to start getting some sleep one of these days.  For real.

I have been listening to The Fray again.  I got their first CD, so I am acquainting myself with it.  I am enjoying basically all of the songs so far.  I really like their music, which surprises me because they are so popular.  Maybe they are just that good, or maybe I am just a failure at music.

I cannot see nearly well enough with these glasses.  Not to mention they are just ugly.  I don't even know what I was thinking when I picked them.  Ick.

Work tomorrow.  Then possibly lunch with Wendy.  Then maybe running to some places quick to look for cute summer shirts and shorts.  Then home.  Then VBS.  Then home again.  Then sleep.

Wednesday:  Must wake up obscenely early.  Work in Indianola for Info2Go.  Then home.  Then VBS.  Then potentially some stargazing.  Then home.  Then sleep.  Lots of it.

Thursday: VBS

Friday: Guitar lesson with Ben at 10:30 (I am fairly certain we are still doing that at 10:30, at least), then home, then work at 5.

Saturday: Work at 8 (yuck), then nothing.  Someone should plan something fun.  Maybe I will see if some people want to go to a movie.  Or maybe I will just sleep.

You may or may not have wanted to hear a play-by-play for what the rest of my week would look like, but there you go.

The only thing I am not pumped about as far as working at Panera is having to wear a polo and khakis.  Ewww.  Not my thing.  Cute on other people, weird on me.

I wonder if I am allowed to have crazy colored hair when I work for Info2Go.  Hmmmm...

Alright.  Sleep now.

Mara Tenille
The Butterfly


It's so good to know I've got a friend like you...

Hello!  I just woke up a little bit ago.  I am sitting in my living room watching Rachel Rae with my family.  I don't know why we are watching this, but we are.  I am also playing games on my laptop.  And blogging!

Last night we got back from the Senior High retreat.  It was a good retreat.  I had a lot of fun, and I think everybody got along really well and had a good time.  White Water Rafting was awesome, and climbing was great, although I wish I had climbed more.  The beach was nice even though I didn't swim.  It was really good to just sit in the sun.

I have a really rockin' bruise on my leg from falling on a rock.  Just thought you should know.  It's amazing.

Tomorrow morning I have orientation at Panera.  I can't remember if I need my uniform or not, so I am just going to wear it in case, and I think I need my Social Security card and my license.  Can't forget that.

Now I am going to be done blogging, because I am sleepy, and I don't feel like writing anymore.



I'm poor, I'm starving, I'm flat broke, I've got no cash to spend...

I got a job today! Woo hoo! I am now Panera's newest employee. Next Tuesday at 10am I have orientation, and then the following Monday I have to go down to Planet Bread and learn how to make bread, I guess. I also need to buy some polos and khaki pants. I only own one pair of khaki pants and no polos, and the pants aren't up to dress code anyway, and they are just sort of ugly. So that needs to happen before I go to that bread place, because I have to be in uniform for that. Then I get a nametag and a hat and an apron. Hahaha. That is hilarious to me.

Today is Wednesday. Hmmm. I don't know what that means. I did not have guitar lesson with Erick today, because we had it last week, and we are on our every-other-week-because-it's-summer schedule. I also don't have small group, because that got wrapped up two weeks ago. And that is all that my Wednesdays used to be filled with, so I guess today is just another day full of random nonsensical semi-planned-but-mostly-not activities that have yet to take the form of some sort of routine.

www.bethinking.org - Just found this on somebody's Facebook. Looks pretty neat so far. Just thought I'd point it out.

Tomorrow we are leaving for the Summer Retreat. It should be fun.

Well, I am going to continue killing time by doing something else now. I can't think of anything else to write about.

Mara Tenille


Lately the weather has been so bipolar, and consequently so have I...

This blog is going to be sort of short.

This afternoon I am leaving to go to Okoboji and Elise's graduation party with Sierra and Emily.  Hopefully it will be lots of fun.  It is supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend, which is a bummer, but we will find ways to entertain ourselves even if it isn't warm enough to swim.

I still need to pack.

Next week we leave for the Summer Retreat!  I am excited.  Hopefully it is nice weather for that, too.  Rock climbing + white water rafting = the best.

I need to get a planner really badly.  I keep forgetting about things.  I have to have some semblance of a routine in order to remember anything, so once school got finished my organizational skills went down the drain or something.  Ugh.

This weekend will be nice.



Say when, and my own two hands will comfort you tonight...

Today is a weird day.  The last couple of days have been weird, actually.  I am just sleepy and boring all the time or something.  I don't know what my deal is.
This week I am getting my new laptop.  I also have to pay for the senior high retreat.  Those two things mean that by the end of the week basically all of my college money will be gone.  I need a job.
Tomorrow our summer small groups start.  I think it is going to be good.  We are studying 1 Thessalonians.  I haven't ever studied it, but today I am going to read it through so I can get an idea of what we'll be talking about and whatnot.
I want to make some Cake Mix cookies for my family, but I don't think we have any chocolate chips.  That is sort of a bummer.  Maybe I will go get some or something.
I need to do some crunches.  So I have rockin' abs for the summer.  You know, because you can see them under my old lady swim suit.  Not.
Ummmmm.  I don't think I have anything else to say.  If I think of anything substiantial I will just blog again later, I suppose.