It's so good to know I've got a friend like you...

Hello!  I just woke up a little bit ago.  I am sitting in my living room watching Rachel Rae with my family.  I don't know why we are watching this, but we are.  I am also playing games on my laptop.  And blogging!

Last night we got back from the Senior High retreat.  It was a good retreat.  I had a lot of fun, and I think everybody got along really well and had a good time.  White Water Rafting was awesome, and climbing was great, although I wish I had climbed more.  The beach was nice even though I didn't swim.  It was really good to just sit in the sun.

I have a really rockin' bruise on my leg from falling on a rock.  Just thought you should know.  It's amazing.

Tomorrow morning I have orientation at Panera.  I can't remember if I need my uniform or not, so I am just going to wear it in case, and I think I need my Social Security card and my license.  Can't forget that.

Now I am going to be done blogging, because I am sleepy, and I don't feel like writing anymore.



  1. Oh my goodness!! I can't wait to hear all about the behind the scenes of Panera!!! Take notes!!

  2. Once again, you look cute in your uniform. Heehee!

    I have never paid attention to this song. It is very sweet. (May I Have This Dance by Copeland) I remember you used one of the lines as a blog post title and I didn't get it. But now I do.

    I am very excited about today. *smile* I love how God is loving you. I seriously can not stop smiling. It makes me want to laugh. True, your mother is easily excitable. But still. I love seeing His fingerprints all over things. He has a lovely plan for you, Mara Tenille Dickens.

  3. Bruises from honest shenanigins are the best thing ever. So is employment. Two of the best things ever, and you didn't even try. Woo!