You would be the last thing I saw coming...

I got a cat.  Off of Craigslist.  Her name is Maleficent.  She's cute and she likes to explore her new 300 square foot stomping grounds.  My apartment is a far cry from the fancy house she lived in in Ankeny, but she seems to like it here.  I don't know.  She likes me, I think.  And she hasn't peed on anything, so that's good.

I'm performing for an event at Grand View on March 5th.  It's called Rock4Hope, and it's going to be cool, and you should go.  I don't know what time.  Sorry.  You'll just have to make it up.

I got baptized tonight.  The Lord is good.

I overthink a lot of life.

I need to sleep.



What you don't understand is I'd catch a grenade for you...

I've literally had "Grenade" by Bruno Mars stuck in my head since Monday.  For real.  But this isn't just random.  I don't usually get cheesy pop R&B songs stuck in my head for days at a time.  It takes something pretty amazing for this to happen to me.  So, now that you're wondering, let me fill you in on how all this song stickage came about.

A few weeks ago at bible study Matt made the announcement that Monday, February 14th would be a bible study hang out night, except that it was special.  In honor of Valentine's Day, the boys were going to make dinner for the ladies.  Us girls were told we needed to get all "gussied up" for a special night the guys were planning.  In my high school days (soooo long ago.  right.) the girls in my youth group typically made up some cookies and got some candy and made bags of treats for the boys, as a little Valentine's surprise, so I was kind of excited to have the dudes be the thoughtful ones for a change. (no offense, high school dude friends...you did lots of special things for us ladies too)

So a couple of weeks went  by, and in that time the girls of course got together and decided what we were all going to wear, how we would do our hair, all those very important girly things.  Then, Valentine's Day came, and just as the guys had told us to, the ladies got all cute and dressed up.  When we all drove up and met up with each other to go inside (I was there first, because I'm a total lamewad, so I sat in the car and waited for the other girls...no way was I going in by myself) we were greeted at the door by Jesse, the doorman, and then by a line of our men standing by in suits and ties, who then proceeded to escort us to our places at the table, which was beautifully decorated.  Ryne and Joel poured all us girls some sparkly juice, and the rest of the guys served us a delicious meal that Dave had cooked, followed by cheesecake that Paul made.  There was a slideshow of photos that someone had stolen from our facebooks (I accuse Paul Joy) which was super hilarious, but really fun to watch, and Michael Buble was on in the background.

So, we enjoyed our lovely meal, and after our dessert plates had been cleared and we had all commended the boys on their wonderful serving skills, Tyler walked to the middle of the room and announced that the guys had written a letter to the Supermodel ladies.  He read it to us, and it was really, really lovely and sweet.  They basically sat down and made a list of why they love us.  Totally awesome.  It was really sweet and I might have almost cried a little.  Maybe.  But only a tiny bit of almost.

So, before you start to think "Wow, what a great little dinner!  It couldn't have possibly been awesomer!"  Let me just tell you that what happened next may have been the greatest thing that could have possibly happened ever in the universe.  Matt picked up his guitar, which had been propped up in the corner and had a couple of us wondering what on earth they were going to do.  He walked out in front of our table and announced that he was going to play us a song.  He tried to lie and say he'd written it, but he couldn't take himself seriously at all, so he just started laughing.  Then he got serious again and said he just really wanted us girls to be blessed so he was going to play for us.  He started playing a little riff that sounded sort of familiar, and the anticipation was making us all tense, and then all at once with the music the men all spun out of their chairs and started snapping.  It was the most hilarious thing ever.  So, they're standing in a semicircle and are snapping while Matt plays this riff.  The girls are laughing.  They guys are stifling laughter.  And then they all start to sing...

"Easy come, easy go, that's just how you live
Oh, take, take, take it all but you never give..."

And the girls all died.  We sing this song to each other ALL THE TIME, just because it's so hilarious.  And they sang the whole thing, with actions, and totally pwned it.  They even changed the lyrics to the last chorus to be about us.

"You know, I'd go ice skating with ya
Go to an Energy game with ya
Play four-on-a-couch with ya
You know we'd do anything for ya..."

It was so great.  We were laughing so hard.  And yet even though it was hilarious, it was really sweet too.  The other day I was talking to Cara, and I said that as cheesy and dumb as it sounds, Matt, Tyler, Paul, Joel, Jesse, Jordan, and Ryne were up there singing that last line of "we'd do anything for ya..." and I believed them.  They would do anything for us.  We're their sisters, and they love us, and when it comes down to it, they would do anything.

It was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had, ever in my entire life.  So rad.


The Dudes

 The Ladies

 At our lovely table.  You can't see it very well, but there were lights underneath the tablecloth, and those little clear glass fishbowl bead things.  Tyler, on the fishbowl bead things: "These are actually kidney stones passed by a unicorn.  They were very expensive."


The song, Grenade by Bruno Mars, in case you've never heard it:

Much love.  The end.


Lend me your eyes, I can change what you see...

I thought today I'd just say some random stuff about myself.  So here you have 25 facts about Mara.

1. I love Jesus and I wanna be just like him when I grow up.
2. There is a form of OCD called Onychophagia.  It's where you incessantly bite and pick at your nails and cuticles. I think I have it.
3. I love crafts.  I knit and crochet and I do origami and I scrapbook sometimes and I doodle a lot and other stuff.
4a. I love to write.  I write a lot of different stuff.  Songs, stories, letters, lists, whatever.  I don't know if any of it is any good, but I like to write it at least.  Except don't try to read my notebooks without asking or I might kill you.
4b. When I buy a new notebook it is a really big deal, and there are a lot of rules about when and what kind of notebook I'll buy.  No buying a new notebook until there are less than like, 7 pages left in the old one.  Spiral bound, about standard 8x10.5 size, must have something wonderful on it.  Extra awesome if it's college ruled, has perforated pages, and has a folder attached.  The last notebook I had was Wonder Woman.  Currently I have one with an owl on the front that is made of banana paper.
5. If I love you I will probably write to you or make you a present or just tell you over and over or hang out with you a lot.
6a. I love music.
6b. I have 4 guitars, a djembe, a bright red electric piano, 2 microphones, 2 amplifiers, some stands and cords and things, and a hot pink egg shaker.  Sometimes my apartment starts to look like a recording studio.
7. I hate being the center of attention.
8. I hate almost all games.  They make me feel unintelligent.
9. Most of the time if I am bad at something I just hate it.  Dancing is an exception.
10. I love candy, and almost all foods that are bad for me.
11. I once had a rat named Maximilian.  I starved him on accident.
12. I have been coloring my hair since I was like, 12.  Yes, I do know what my natural hair color is.  Dark brown.  Right now it's black.  Before this it was black and teal.
13. I drink a lot of Diet Mountain Dew.
14. I'm an insomniac basically.  I'm sleepy all day and then about 10 o'clock I get wide awake.  It doesn't make sense.
15. When I grow up I want to be a wife and a mother and a rock star.
16. Romans 8 shatters me every time I read it.
17. I love Chinese food.
18. Tiger lilies are for sure the way to this girl's heart.
19. I like super heroes a lot more than most 20-year-old women do, or probably even should.
20. I'm a nanny.  I watch 4 kids.  I call them the Ferocious Four.  Those kids are the greatest thing in the entire world.
21. I have lots of dreams when I sleep.
22. I have a little blueishgreenish betta fishy.  His name is Shinigami.  I talk to him sometimes.
23. I kind of want to audition for American Idol someday.  It would be an adventure.
24. Sometimes I delegate people to be related to me.  I have acquired a lot of family members this way.
25. Sometimes I really just want to become a hobo.

The last few were sort of random.  I was running out of ideas.

The end!