It's only just a matter of time before you get down and out...

I am trying to decide if I want to shower tonight or tomorrow morning.  I think I want to shower tonight.  I think.

Today was fine.  School was average, almost ran into Peter (literally) before 4th hour, teensy bit of Trig homework which I should probably get out of the way, decided that auditioning for the school play is a bad idea, etc.  It was mostly uneventful, as you can tell.  I did order my football hoodie the other day.  I'm going to miss the first home game this weekend for LifeLight, which makes me angry, because it's against North Polk and I wanted to see Bethany wear Greg's jersey to the game.  You see, Bethany goes to North Polk, but she's dating Greg, who goes to Ballard.  He wants her to wear his jersey to the game, mostly because he enjoys causing controversy, and she agreed to do it.  That makes me laugh.  Plus, there are only like, 4 home games, and beyond that I have to drive places that I don't know how to get to if I'm interested in going to very many games this year.  STUPID.  They should just all be home games.  That would make my life easier, at least.  Anyway, back to today.  So, school happened.  I didn't have any DMACC class today, so no photography, and no seeing Andrew.  So, I got home and ate a bunch of leftover stir fry, because Mom wasn't home basically all day and that was what I felt like eating.  I painted my nails.  I did some schoolwork.  I facebooked.  Probably lots of other things.  Not terrible fascinating.

Yesterday I walked some miles with Wendy and her cute babies and Sarah.  That was nice.  A group of boys ran a random 5k and so we walked a shortened version.  I think that is going to turn into a twice-a-week thing, and Wendy and I will probably walk one of those times.  That would be fun.  I like not running and still getting exercise, so it works out well.

Tomorrow Emily and I are dying our hair.  Any suggestions for color?  It will either be red or just some other variation of brown.  Or highlighted.  Or maybe I'll cop out and just not dye it because I am indecisive.  That will probably not be the case though.  I am sort of a hairdyeaholic a little bit.

Okay.  I need to sleep.


Someone please save us, us college kids...

I have East Village Opera Company stuck in my head.  Nevertheless, I don't speak any languages except English, so they are not gracing the title of this blog.
Right now I am in school sitting on the computer doing basically nothing.  I am sort of waiting for something to inspire me so I can make this poster better, but it looks good as it is, and nothing better is coming to mind.
Today I start at DMACC.  I am really excited.  My camera is all ready to go and I have all my books and stuff.  Today and Wednesday I have Photography, and Tuesday and Thursday I have Speech.  I am mostly excited for Photography, but I am sure I'll like Speech as well.
In English we are writing an 8-10 page research report.  I think I am going to do mine on the Bronte sisters.  I also am thinking about doing it on Edgar Allen Poe, or on something musical.  I think it will be fun to research something that I get to pick.  I think I can handle 10 pages, but we'll see.



Seasons of rain, battles unwon...

I just downloaded the song I first heard at Jeremy and Aleah's wedding. Aleah walked down the aisle to it. It's called "Make Us One" by Cindy Morgan. It's pretty amazing. You all deserve to hear it, if you haven't.

My fingernails started out beautiful, and now they're all messed up. That makes me irritated. I have to re-polish them now. HAVE TO. Like, I MUST or else I might die.

This basement smells like chemicals.

School is going well so far. Pretty much what I expected. Trig is good, English is good. Can't really complain so far. I am excited to start DMACC on Monday though. That will be really cool. Photography is going to be amazingly awesome. I am pretty pumped.

Today I learned how to use MLA format. I didn't really know what that was, but my fake college application letter had to be in it, so I Googled it and now I feel smarter.

Weddings are exciting.

I love the music I pick out. I know I say this often, but it's not like I brag about anything else, so I'll remind you again. I have fantastic taste in music.

That conversation about the shoes was good times.

Now I am downloading two old Mae songs. Summertime and This Time is the Last Time.

Okay. Time to sleep!



Reuben, what is he dippity doin'...

I just downloaded this song.  It makes me happy.  I really wanted Do Not, but they didn't have that one, much to my dismay.  Right now I'm uploading some CDs so I can sync them to my very old and crabby iPod.  It keeps randomly freezing up when the battery gets low.  So, I guess I just have to keep it charged.  I can handle that.  Unless that isn't the problem, in which case it's probably only a matter of time before my $50 iPod breaks and I have to go spend the money on a new, less temperamental one.  I think I decided that an 8gig is sufficient, but now the question still remains -- iPod or Zune?

I am a bit afraid of my new soft spot for hip-hop.  That's a little scary.  I almost hope it doesn't go beyond TobyMac and John Reuben.

We are going to the pool, I think.  It's sort of cold outside for the pool, and stuff.  I don't know how I'm feeling about that.  I kind of want to go, but I don't really feel like swimming.

Tonight we are going bowling with all of our favorite families.  That will be lots of fun, I think.  I like bowling, despite the fact that I'm pretty horrid at it.  Hans and Leighanna know this well.  They've bowled with me.  I think it's fun though, and I'm excited to hang out with my favorite people.

Wednesday we went to Adventureland!  That was lots of fun.  I regret to report that I did not go on a roller coaster.  I seriously, seriously, for real will get sick.  And that wouldn't be fun for me or for the people I would wind up throwing up all over.  So, I'm very sorry, but I just can't do it.  *sigh*

I need a job.  I wonder what kind of hours would work out with school and everything.  I should probably talk to Mom about that.  I'd kind of like to apply at Cafe Diem in Ankeny, since it's right across from the DMACC campus, and I love it there.  Liz works at this copy place that needs a lot of help, so that's an option too, but it sounds pretty boring.  I would like to have a cool job, but it's entirely possible that I might just have to get a normal one.  And that's fine.  I might not even get a job, so it's not like any of this is fo' sho'.

I missed a person and now that person is home.  *grin*  Just thought I'd put in a good word about that.

I listen to Christmas music in August.

136 days until I turn 18.  My phone is counting down for me.

School starts on Tuesday.  That is so weird.  Senior year.  I'M SO OLD!  Goodness.  I'm practically an old lady.  I don't know if I want to have senior year yet!  I think I like being a junior.

Shawn McDonald's first CD = awesome.  I have fantastic taste in music, if I do say so myself.  I love the music I pick.

I miss dcTalk so much.  Those were the days, man.  Things just aren't the same without them.  That was a good band.  Few compare to the awesomeninity and fantasticness that was dcTalk.  I am listening to It's Killing Me from Supernatural right now.  I am blown away by how great they were.  Just great.  Like apple pie.  Just awesome.  (This paragraph is a good example of when I rattle off stuff because I don't really know what I feel like saying)

*gasp*  Jesus Freak isn't in it's case.  WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?  There will be blood over this.  Good gracious, neither is New Way to be Human.  Donde esta las buena musica?  No esta bueno, mi amigos.  No esta bueno.  (Dang, my Spanish rocks.)

I am so weird today.

Okay, I should probably get ready and decide if I'm going to the pool.  I am still in my awesome pink pajamas.

Mara Tenille


Know this, I cannot love a little, my promise to you is unconditional...

I like that song.

Today I attempted to make tapioca pudding twice.  The first time it failed miserably. The second time it looked like a success, and then failed miserably.  It was tasty tapioca soup though.  We had corndogs and curly fries for dinner.  I didn't get an email that I half expected, which bummed me out more than I thought it would.  My C.S. Lewis book has stains on it and I've only cracked the cover twice.  My hair needs to be cut.  I'm feeling particularly moody for no reason.  But we did go to Bass's house for a little bit with Em and Andy and made a nasty shake with chocolate ice cream and oatmeal cream pies and whipped cream and milk and green Poweraid.  It was pretty amazing.  We drank it from little teacups and held a toast to beef.  It was pretty spiffy.

Last night me and Sophie went to see Iron Man with Brian and Patrick.  It was a great movie.  I liked it.  And there was only one close your eyes scene.  We got Jomocha shakes afterwards, because they are amazing.

I think we're going to watch a movie now.  My vote is for School of Rock.  I heart that movie.



It's the flame in all of us the same...

My fingernails are all nice and painted.  I like that.  They're getting sort of longish.  Which is good, because it means I'm not biting them all off.

Apparently the stars are remarkable tonight.

Tonight we went to Luke Vespestad's birthday party.  Then he split his head open on a coffee table and had to go get stitches.  So we came home.  The boys ended up going back to spend the night anyway, but with no lightsabers.

Mom is singing loud with no music.  Because she is listening to the iPod Patrick gave me.  I will let him have it back when I buy one, if he wants, or I will just buy it from him.

This is Mara's Mom:  At least I'm singing on key.  I think.  Am I?  Wait. Don't answer that Mara.

Mara's not back yet, so I'll tell you about her rat.  It loves her.  You can tell.  It wants to snuggle with her and stuff.  He could run anywhere he wants to, but he stays close to her and burrows into her clothes.  It's funny.

She just brought in a pile of CD's to transfer.  Geoff Moore Evolution is on top with TFK Flame In All Of Us following behind.  Next comes Anberlin Lost Songs and then Stellar Kart.  And then a bunch more.

Speaking of CD's, everyone must get Tenth Avenue North's CD.  Or borrow it from me.  Awesome CD.

OK, the iPod made a doo-duh-lee-loo sound and she tapped Geoff Moore and said something, but I'm listening to Hilllsong United so I don't know what I'm supposed to do.  She's tapping the screen.  Now she's saying, "El clicko por favor."  She has not quit speaking Spanglish since we got back from Mexico.  She even texts me in Spanglish.  Which reminds me...Prairie Fest is having a Texting Competition.  How horrid is that?  Completely, I tell you.  What's worse?  They aren't having the Talent Show.  Which reminds me...they ARE having some kind of singing competition with a $250 prize and Mara is being rather noncommittal and apathetic about it, so y'all should do some convincing.  For crying out loud, it's a shot at a lot of free money.

She's back.  And she's eating cheese crackers.  Geoff Moore has successfully been transferred, as has Mae and Deas Vail.  This now ends my stream of consciousness...

Okay.  Now back to me blogging.  So, the iPod thing is doing great.  Luke's head is now all stitched back together.  These cheese crackers are not very good.  In fact, they sort of taste like cardboard with the cheese powder you get in boxed macaroni and cheese.

So, this year I think we are going to Lifelight again.  There are going to be some pretty awesome bands there this year (Switchfoot, The Afters, Lincoln Brewster, Remedy Drive, Family Force 5, Natalie Grant, Sanctus Real, etc), and probably some pretty lame but equally entertaining ones.  There are also some nifty sounding seminars that I'd like to go to.  Lincoln Brewster and Jared Anderson (not sure who he is) are doing a worship seminar, and the To Write Love On Her Arms guy is doing one, and lots more.  I'm excited to go.  It's in less than a month though, so if that is going to happen then we should probably get truckin' with the planning and all.  Although, last year, if I'm remembering right, it wasn't until like 2 weeks before that we even decided to go.  However, I prefer to have things planned somewhat before diving in head first.  I'm just sort of a loser that way.

Copeland is seriously one of the best bands ever.

Stiiiillll trucking along on these CDs.  I want to have everything ripped by tomorrow night, but we'll see how that goes.  Sometimes I get distracted.

Thursday we are going to the fair.  We will be getting there obscenely early in the morning, because WHO is trying to break the record for 'most people taking a bite out of a corndog at one time' and gosh, who wouldn't want to be involved in that?  Plus, the corndog is free and then we don't have to pay to get into the fair.  So we'll see the butter version of Shawn Johnson and walk around and do whatever you do at the fair and then come home.  Good times, I tell you.

Facebook is interesting, because it is really nice to be friends with all sorts of people you would normally have a hard time keeping up on, but that chat thing drives me insane sometimes.  Sometimes I just don't want to IM anyone, and I should have the freedom to lie about my online status like I do with Windows Live Messenger or AIM or GTalk, but no, I have no choice but to be seen as 'online'.  So then, people think I hate them because I don't respond to their IMs, and then I feel bad, but I still ignore them because Facebook is just stupid that way.  Good grief.

Apparently you can turn Facebook chat off.  Now I feel sort of stupid.

Underoath is good, too.

Lewispaul, one of my three favorite Harms boys, is getting HUGE.  I kid you not.  He looks so old.  He's like, a kid now!  None of that baby stuff anymore.  Good gracious, before I know it he'll be asking me where his sippy cup is instead of just squawking untiI bring it to him.  This is just no good, I tell you.  I feel so old.

Alright, I am going to finish up these CDs and head to bed.  I am sleepy.

Mara Tenille