It's only just a matter of time before you get down and out...

I am trying to decide if I want to shower tonight or tomorrow morning.  I think I want to shower tonight.  I think.

Today was fine.  School was average, almost ran into Peter (literally) before 4th hour, teensy bit of Trig homework which I should probably get out of the way, decided that auditioning for the school play is a bad idea, etc.  It was mostly uneventful, as you can tell.  I did order my football hoodie the other day.  I'm going to miss the first home game this weekend for LifeLight, which makes me angry, because it's against North Polk and I wanted to see Bethany wear Greg's jersey to the game.  You see, Bethany goes to North Polk, but she's dating Greg, who goes to Ballard.  He wants her to wear his jersey to the game, mostly because he enjoys causing controversy, and she agreed to do it.  That makes me laugh.  Plus, there are only like, 4 home games, and beyond that I have to drive places that I don't know how to get to if I'm interested in going to very many games this year.  STUPID.  They should just all be home games.  That would make my life easier, at least.  Anyway, back to today.  So, school happened.  I didn't have any DMACC class today, so no photography, and no seeing Andrew.  So, I got home and ate a bunch of leftover stir fry, because Mom wasn't home basically all day and that was what I felt like eating.  I painted my nails.  I did some schoolwork.  I facebooked.  Probably lots of other things.  Not terrible fascinating.

Yesterday I walked some miles with Wendy and her cute babies and Sarah.  That was nice.  A group of boys ran a random 5k and so we walked a shortened version.  I think that is going to turn into a twice-a-week thing, and Wendy and I will probably walk one of those times.  That would be fun.  I like not running and still getting exercise, so it works out well.

Tomorrow Emily and I are dying our hair.  Any suggestions for color?  It will either be red or just some other variation of brown.  Or highlighted.  Or maybe I'll cop out and just not dye it because I am indecisive.  That will probably not be the case though.  I am sort of a hairdyeaholic a little bit.

Okay.  I need to sleep.


  1. Football season, as I've previously indicated, is unbelievably exciting.

    Away games are not quite as exciting.

    Stir fry, too, is exciting.

    Hair dye is also exciting, and I would recommend a color, but I believe you've already gone and done it, and I like to keep myself current.

  2. Aww, school plays are a lot of fun! Plus, you get to meet a lot of cool people.

  3. OHMYWORD! Switchfoot just left me a voicemail singing Learning To Breathe!! I AM SO SPECIAL!!!

    And, in other news, Ian thinks you should marry Soul Glow Activator so the he can be related. And, yes, there is more to that story, but that will have to wait until you are here in person. *laugh*

  4. I am determined to find out the name of that rose you loved. DETERMINED. But just so you know, despite my determination, I might not find it, because so far I am not having any luck. *sad*

    Heal, little eye, heal. *pray*

    You are going to be an eye drop pro! Is that on the list of things you want to do before you die?!?

    We need to see either Iron Man or The Dark Knight this weekend. Or both! For serious. LET'S GET A GROUP AND MAKE IT A SUPERHERO PARTY.

    And we need to camp. Fall is perfect for camping.