How in the world did I find someone like you...

Tomorrow I am getting a haircut for $4.50 from Liz.  She needs a model, and I need a haircut (well, I actually just trimmed it myself with Mom's help a week ago, so I am in no desperate need, but it would be nice), and I happen to be available at the time that she needs me.  Pretty sweet, huh?  So, I am doing that at 1:30 after guitar lesson.

I need to write a 1 1/2 to 2 minute introductory speech by Tuesday.  It will be no big deal, but I am trying not to procrastinate.

My fingernails are orange with yellowishgreenish polka dots.

LifeLight was lots of fun this year!  The group was really fun, and there were some other church families there, so that made it really neat too.  We saw lots of nifty bands.  Family Force 5 was awesome, and the mosh pit at MxPx was a blast.  Plus, Pat and Cindy (Kacy's aunt and uncle, who we stayed with) are awesome.  They fed us lots of snacks and cereal and once we even had little smokies at like, 2 in the morning!  The hot tub was awesome.  Everything was awesome.  I had fun.  Plus, I got a FF5 shirt.  Autographed, even.  And I even talked to Chap Stique.  Sweet, huh?

I wonder when my FireFlyFest box is going to come.  *cough*  *smile*

I am going to see what Copeland is up to.

Tomorrow night I might get to babysit la cute Casciato ninas.

Annnnd now I am going to go be productive.



  1. The nails sound pretty spectacular. *laugh*
    (and I wonder about the FFF box as well. I think Hans is having a hard time letting go of some of the contents.)

  2. Cheap haircuts are the bomb diggity.

    I am totally delighted by what Copeland is up to. Not that I would've expected not to be, but it's still nice to hear about.


    It isn't that. It's that I have a box, and I have Contents, and the Contents do not yet fill the entirety of the Box.

    I'm working on it.

  3. Don't you worry about that box, Hans. You know how it is being far away. The contents of that box are like itty bitty pieces of a Leighanna, a Rhymish, a Sarah and so on and so forth.

    We have had a present for Leighanna since MtlFest that is still here. *cricket*

    I know what you could use for filler. Cotton candy!

    In other news...

    I can not find the name of that rose that was so amazing.

    I told Jess about getting together on Saturday.

    Assignment: Look up the names of Gov. Palin's children. Trust me. You want to do it. Her son's name is Trig!! What an amazing name for a boy! L.o.v.e.i.t.

    You are the only person I know who , when asked for your "Spiritual Practice" on an actual medical form, wants to write "I love Jesus, yes, I do; I love Jesus, how 'bout you?"

  4. Just so you know, you and Wendy looked superadorable pushing those strollers on your walk. I'm so glad you get to do that each week.

    The world's loudest cricket is living in our basement.

    I did some research on fencing clubs in DSM and Ames. *giggle*

    I would like to, once again, politely and ever so nonchalantly request a private performance of your introductory speech. I have a hard time believing that it is as cr*ppy as you insist. How am I ever to know the truth unless I get to hear it? Or at the very least read it? And isn't there already enough mystery in the world? So, tomorrow at 11:00 works for me. *crosses fingers*

  5. Aren't you glad we didn't have squirrel for dinner? *sigh of relief*

    Are you at all seeing the irony in me sharing that Irving Berlin quote? The one that goes something like "Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it." You've definitely had a week to work on that 90%. Interrupting showers, lost speeches, hormones, bank drama, hair "critiques" (?), dead batteries...to name a very small few. *laugh* You're holding up well, deary.

    In reference to our earlier conversation: I am a talker, your father is not. We don't match, we learn from each other. *laugh*

    How is your Risk game going? Maybe you have more than one. I am referring to the one with Gabe, Brian and Michael. Still alive? KICK THEIR BUTTS, MARABELLE. Whoa. Where did that come from?

    Confession: I miss Risk.

  6. Too bad you have to always try to read your mom's mind. Would be a lot easier if she'd, oh I don't know, comment on your blog once in awhile. :)
    I LOVE your haircut, Liz did a great job.
    Hope your speech went well.
    Summer Lee

  7. The sad thing is I have a lot more to say. A LOT. This is a mere fraction. *laugh*