I don't really care if they label me a Jesus Freak, because there ain't no disguising the truth...

This blog post is dedicated to Kacy Bass. Because he demanded it. And because we're buddies.
At first, I had a hard time deciding what song line to use because the only songs that I could think of that at first were "The Pina Colada Song" and "Gibberish". The last time I did a round of dedication posts, Gibberish graced the title of Kacy's blog, and so I can't very well use it again. The Pina Colada song is just plain scandalous, and he might end up more corrupt than he already likes to think he is, and we couldn't have that. And so I went through my music collection looking for songs that made sense as Kacy's song. TobyMac came to mind, since that's most of what he listens to on a regular basis, and every time The Vert pulls in you can hear it playing really loudly. So, I thought about using a TobyMac song, but decided against it, because it would be impossible to pick just one song.
Then, my eyes fell upon a song title. In an instant, my mind went to hundreds of fond memories. I recalled an afternoon at my house with some friends and some Sharpies, and the sharing of tattoo designs. I recalled a concert where the elbows of a maniacal fan bruised the tops of my shoulders. I recalled many singalongs in The Vert with the top down and the wind in our recently bleached hair. And then I knew that this song was the one.
Kacy Parker Bass is the sort of person who starts pushing through a mosh pit to try and get closer to the stage, and people just start moving out of his way (and I don't think it's just the tallness and the wicked sweet hair). He takes up a majority of the memory card space on our digital cameras. His iPod is the one plugged in to the stereo system of whatever car he happens to be in. In short, he is often the center of attention. And you know what? I don't think anyone is complaining.

Sometimes Kacy will be talking and will throw out complete and utter nonsense, such as "But if I'm in a REALLY bad mood, I'll just be like, 'No, God, I gotta have a can of oysters'" or "Hey guys, I'll throw these nasty grapes out the sunroof while we're going 60 mph on the highway, and Andy can lean out the window and try to catch them in his mouth". Actually, that second one he didn't say, but that really did happen. Anyway, the words that come out of Basswad's mouth are sometimes pretty weird and hilarious, and we love him for it. But lately I've started noticing the other things he says, too. He will say things about God out of nowhere, and the things he says make sense. Like, somewhere in the midst of the random funny things pops this piece of wisdom, and everyone kind of sits there and goes '...Wow. He's right!' and life suddenly makes a little more sense. It's actually really awesome.

Another really cool thing about Bass is that you can talk to him about anything. One time he taught me to play ping-pong, and we had some conversation about something, and I don't remember what it was except that it was awesome. Then there was this other time when we were pulled over on the side of the highway waiting for Jeremy to get his video camera set up somewhere down by a creek thing, and we talked for like, ten minutes about our lives. It was pretty sweet. Don't get me wrong, the weird and bizarre conversations with Kacy are awesome, but it's really nice to have a friend that you can be goofy with and serious with at the same time.

Bass is one of my best friends. He is a true Jesus Freak, and if TobyMac were to see him moshing at one of his concerts, he would be proud.



  1. Wow, that post actually covers Bass really, really well. I mean what would I do on retreats at 3 AM in the morning(yes, I said "AM in the morning") if I didn't have my gabbing partner?

  2. I love the memory and pictures of Rocket Lock so much it makes my heart burst.

    And Bass looks like he's wearing red tights. Superhero? *raises eyebrows*

    I wonder who will be next. Any guesses?

  3. Bass has the most pure joy of anyone I have ever met. And it's contagious :D

  4. I believe it was Kacy that reminded me/us that truth doesn't stop being truth just because it doesn't "feel" like it's true. God is good, He is on His throne, and Kacy rules and Rocket Lock!
    Summer Lee