Lately it just seems to me that we've got the letters ADD branded into our mentality, we simply can't focus on anything...

Again, this was a difficult song choice. All I could think of was Sweet Home Alabama, but I used that last time I did dedications. Since Andy is not much of a music person, there aren't really any songs that immediately come to mind as songs that remind me of him. So, I just picked a line that sort of sounded like us.

Andy is my brother from another mother, my taco buddy, and one of my best friends. He's the kind of guy who will give you a slightly used gift card for your birthday, but you think it's the awesomest thing ever. I can talk to him about anything and everything, and I can always count on him to do stupid random things that could potentially get us injured. For several years now I have been saying that if I die a tragic death it will be his fault. I said it in the last blog that I dedicated to him, too, and it still stands today. We are kind of not always so clever when we are together. But we always have fun, and we always live through it. So far, at least.
If you ever need someone to talk to who will be honest with you and who will take you seriously, Andy's the guy. It is really great to have someone who will just tell me if he thinks I'm being unreasonable or if I don't make sense or if I'm wrong without being a jerk. He really thinks through what he's saying before he says it, and he's a very discerning person. He knows when life is a game and when to take things seriously. One minute we are discussing why boys are dumb and girls are complicated and dramatic, and the next minute we are coating paperclips with hot glue. One time, I was watching the Chicken Shed during a scary nasty storm, and the lights were flickering and there was no background noise, and I was freaking out, and then Andy comes walking in, and we freaked out together for a couple minutes and then we watched Psych, and it was better. This stuff is pretty normal for us.

Another thing about Andy is that he can't dance. Don't even try, because it won't happen. You will trip and possibly fall. He can sing pretty well, but he rarely does that either. He likes to shoot stuff. Once, he let me shoot a 22 at a bucket. His room is full of dangerous looking things that I am usually scared to touch because it could cause my death. One time he tried to shoot a tomcat with a bow from his parents upstairs bedroom window while I distracted the cat from the kitchen window. Again, these things are fairly normal for us.
Basically, many of my favorite memories were either made by Andy or at the very least include Andy. Everyone needs a friend like him. Stay fly, brother from another mother!



  1. Comment on Dedication Post:

    Great pic! Very fitting. And he does like to shoot things. Good thing he has taken hunter safety. *laugh*

    More Andy trivia: He makes Hamburger Helper with deer meat and he wants his wife to walk down the aisle in camo.


    Normal Blogger Comments:

    I keep forgetting to tell you that you were a lot of fun during four-square and ultimate frisbee at youth group last week. Good job to the girl who doesn't love it when things bounce/fly at her. No one would have ever known! Well, there was that one panicked comment to Channing, but that was actually really funny. *laugh*

    Quit winning at Othello. *stare* You and your loopholes...I'm doomed.

    I am glad you were laughing before you fell asleep last night. *hug*

  2. Ha ha! Andy should watch "My Redneck Wedding" on CMT. Almost all the brides walk down the aisle in camo. And they have beer can garland around the altar.

  3. Heh, and again, I can but say that I fervently anticipate someday (before these bones become too old to drag about) meeting Andy for myself, and understanding better this phenomenon of nature.