The truth is what they want it to be...


Yeah. I'm sort of excited but sort of sad at the same time. And semester tests are today, which makes me less excited, but I think I will do well this time. Last semester I got a C in Algebra, which is bad, and Mom is demanding that I get an A this time. I did find out yesterday, though, that even if I get a zero on my semester test, my final grade will still be a B. B is not bad. A is better, and that's what I've been getting all year, but B is good too. Mom still, however, wants an A. *pressure*

I need to write a note for Liz H. and send it today. Don't let me forget.

It's supposed to get up to 80 degrees today. *clap*



None of it's true, because I never knew you...

My second to last day of school was nice. Yes. Nice. It was sort of the end of an era though, which was sad, but it ended happily, I suppose.

So, it looks like TFP might make their summer debut at Cafe Diem. We haven't played in forever. It'll be nice to get back together again after our long period of uber busyness.

Andrew has a baseball game this afternoon, and I really want to go, so it really needs to not rain.

I am almost finished with Pride and Prejudice. Hopefully I'll finish it by tomorrow, because it needs to get taken back to the library, and Sophie lost our copy.

I like life.



I've had a thousand dreams, but never one like this...

With Love From Me To You is a great song. I heart it.

Tonight I went to the last Lighthouse and hung out until 8ish. I had an interesting time backing out of the driveway. I'd tell you all about it but it's really hard if you don't know what their driveway is like. But it was definitely hilarious and embarrassing. But not so embarrassing that I can't laugh at myself for it.

Working on party stuff with Em went well. We painted signs. It was fun.

I am so full. I ate a ton of food. Hahaha. Wow.

I think I'll go shower now.

Mara Tenille


Show me what it's like to be the last one standing...

Tennis was fun. I saw Andrew practicing baseball. And I hit lots of shots in, when I hit them at all. So that's good.

Today I have nothing to do, so I'm going to do lots of chores and maybe watch a movie or scrapbook or make jewelry or something.

Tomorrow I'm going to Em's house to help make her signs and stuff for her grad party on Monday. That'll be fun. Everything is going to be yellow. She adores yellow. After we do that, I'm going to Lighthouse, because it's the last night and stuff and there will be a nice bonfire and stuff. Hopefully that will be cool.

Today I wore a white skirt and a pink shirt to school. With pink flip flops. A boy said I looked nice. It was fun. People called me cute and whatnot. I felt special.

I should go do chores and stuff now. So that it's done and I can do fun things.

Mara Tenille.


She said that I was the brightest little firefly in her jar...

It is beautiful outside today. Partly cloudy, 82 degrees, and showing no signs of getting cooler. Sophie and I are going to play tennis for a while. Hopefully that'll be fun.

That's basically all for the moment. I have to go anyway.



I think I've known you all along...

I'm not picking the sound system up. That makes me so happy. You have no idea.

I need a shower. Then I'm going to grad parties with Emily. Then I don't know what, and then I'm going to the show to run sound. Yep. Good stuff.



You would only fix yourself just to break again...

So, I agreed to run sound for Daven (a band some friends of mine are in) and they just called and are expecting me to pick up the stuff for them. Yeah. I was not really planning on that. So, basically, that requires me to go to the church tomorrow afternoon (since the show is tomorrow night), desperately try to remember what stuff I need, get the stuff, load it, take it to Ames, set it all up, run it, take it all down, load it, bring it back to Huxley, and put it all back exactly the way it was before I took it. I have enough of my own stuff to stress about that this is kind of over my head. So, now I'm going to all Gabe and get a list of what I need, and to hope he tells me that it's not my responsibility and I should call Liz back and have her get the stuff herself. Whether he tells me that or not, one can never know for sure. But yeah. Ugh.

On a lighter note, tonight is the Party Bowl at Rietgraf's. That will be awesome.

Today, I went to school and then walked to Subway with Andrew and Kacy because Kacy was going to take this kid he mentors but the kid didn't show up at school, and Kacy still wanted to go. So we had fun. Then I went home and started baking my amazing cake, which I'm taking to the party tonight.

Gotta go.



The fever is here, I wish you were here...

Today was a pretty good day. I was gone for 13 or 14 solid hours. Doing stuff. Like getting my drivers license. Muahahahahahahaha.

Now, since the cat is out of the bag and whatnot, I shall proclaim to the world that I didn't fail any tests, because I didn't have to take any. Booyah, I tell you.

I babysat today, and it was fun. And I got moneys. Moneys + little awesome kids = a happy Mara.

I can't think of anything else that's especially noteworthy.



There is algebra in gasoline...

GMail isn't working and that's making me angstier than I already was.

I didn't get woken up this morning, so I missed all of second hour. That sucked. I needed that time, too.

Tonight is Lighthouse and small group. Lighthouse has been getting increasingly more lame, but hopefully it'll get cool again. I haven't been there in two weeks, so maybe it was just the last couple times I've been there. But yeah. It'll probably be fun.



Always what you meant, never what you said...

Emery is seriously one of my favorite bands now. I love them.

The amazing bass amp was amazing. And loud.

My electric guitar skillz = suckage. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

I need to plug the keyboard in so I can write a song. Wait. Maybe it's already plugged in. Whatever.

I got fancy new shampoo today that will hopefully make my hair not dry anymore! Yay!

For some reason Sophie and Leo need coloring book pages of warriors. *stare*

Grammy is coming. That makes me happy. She's basically the best grandmother ever.

In A Win, Win Situation is on. I like this song a lot.



I always thought you would be some sort of match for me...

Church was good this morning. The bake sale was today, and that went really well. Andrew made this really cute butterfly cake that I wanted, but I didn't have money, and then Ian bought it. So, even though I lost the butterfly cake to my own brother, at least it stayed in the family.

This afternoon Kacy, Graber, and Tristan are getting baptized. I'm excited for them! Some other kids are getting baptized too, but those are all the high schoolers that are.

Tonight the youth band is playing. Andrew is bring his brand spanking new and massive and absolutely gorgeous bass amp. And I might get to play my electric guitar.

I have a really expensive and yet very tasty piece of gum in my mouth.

That's all.



I love this and I need this, I'll be a fool for you...

New YouTube video! This is of the band playing Jessica at the Camelot Theatre. We actually did pretty well on this song, in my opinion. Linkage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY6LOeCY8tk

Watch this while you're waiting for it to show up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahpvSasR6d8

Then watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgmWp2zvuts&NR=1

That's all.



If life had background music...

My hair is cut! It's not really that much different, but the layers are shorter and overall she took about an inch off. I like it. It's nice to be free of split ends.

Today was a nice day. I liked it. It even rained. Tomorrow is Friday! That means it's almost the weekend! I like the weekend. Weekends = sleep. Usually, at least.

Speaking of sleep, I'm going to bed now.



And I'll tell you everything that went on...

I'm listening to Emery now. I like them. They're one of my favorites.

My fingernails are princess coloured.

Tonight I'm going to a hot par-tay. The youth group kids are all going to Wendy's house since there's no small group. I'm excited. It will be fun.

I can't grab Leo by the hair anymore, because Mom cut it all off. That's sad. But you know what's not sad? The giant bottle of green tea that I got today. It's amazing. I love it. It's like, one and a half liters of awesomeness.

I'm being sort of silly and dumb about things. I don't like it when I do this. [/cryptic]



These dead letters won't survive...

I'm listening to Lovedrug. I still can't decide if I like them. I'm also making a thing with a ninja on it. Because I can. And Jason told me I should. And now I'm listening to Kids in the Way.

That's about all.