You would only fix yourself just to break again...

So, I agreed to run sound for Daven (a band some friends of mine are in) and they just called and are expecting me to pick up the stuff for them. Yeah. I was not really planning on that. So, basically, that requires me to go to the church tomorrow afternoon (since the show is tomorrow night), desperately try to remember what stuff I need, get the stuff, load it, take it to Ames, set it all up, run it, take it all down, load it, bring it back to Huxley, and put it all back exactly the way it was before I took it. I have enough of my own stuff to stress about that this is kind of over my head. So, now I'm going to all Gabe and get a list of what I need, and to hope he tells me that it's not my responsibility and I should call Liz back and have her get the stuff herself. Whether he tells me that or not, one can never know for sure. But yeah. Ugh.

On a lighter note, tonight is the Party Bowl at Rietgraf's. That will be awesome.

Today, I went to school and then walked to Subway with Andrew and Kacy because Kacy was going to take this kid he mentors but the kid didn't show up at school, and Kacy still wanted to go. So we had fun. Then I went home and started baking my amazing cake, which I'm taking to the party tonight.

Gotta go.


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  1. Wait, what? Wow. Don't wait for Gabe to say it, I'm saying it right now: you should call Liz back and have her get the stuff herself. They're asking a monstrous favor of you. Monstrous, I say, and mean it.

    Ooh! That does sound fun.

    Subway is also fun, but not nearly as awesome as amazing cakes.