None of it's true, because I never knew you...

My second to last day of school was nice. Yes. Nice. It was sort of the end of an era though, which was sad, but it ended happily, I suppose.

So, it looks like TFP might make their summer debut at Cafe Diem. We haven't played in forever. It'll be nice to get back together again after our long period of uber busyness.

Andrew has a baseball game this afternoon, and I really want to go, so it really needs to not rain.

I am almost finished with Pride and Prejudice. Hopefully I'll finish it by tomorrow, because it needs to get taken back to the library, and Sophie lost our copy.

I like life.


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  1. Eras are best put to rest gently and given flowers, I think.

    Hurrah! I still have no band plans besides wringing a practice or two out of my bandmates, and hopefully getting schedules clearer, later.

    I'm sure if you, the staunch supporter of precipitation, rescind your vote in its favor, the rain will go someplace else.

    I couldn't find Pride and Prejudice when I looked for it yesterday.

    So do I.