I don't know what everyone was staring at but I think that it's me...

TODAY I WENT TO ADVENTURELAND. I won some aminals. I played some games. I spent some money. I ate some food. I rode some rides. I got wet. I came home. I would post pictures, but they're all on my phone, and so I can't. We had fun though. It was Emily, Tonia, Erick, Sam, and myself. Yep.

I've been listening to Copeland all night. I love Copeland.

I ate a lot of food today and I still want more. This is no good.

I am only a little bit sunburned.

I'm out of stuff to say.



Get back on the runway, honey...

It's Wednesday!

I'm not going to Lighthouse tonight, partly because it's getting lamer and lamer by the second and partly because Mom said that tonight I should just stay home, because I'd only be there for like, an hour. I'm going to hang out at Wendy's with a bunch of friends at 6:30, and I typically get to Lighthouse at 5:30. So, I'm going to sit at home for another hour and fifteen minutes and then leave for Wendy's with some yummy cookies in my rainboots. Why rainboots, you ask? Well, because all freaking day long it's been raining. Like, a lot. Not the awesome harcore crazy rain, but a lot of rain nonetheless. Normally, this would be really awesome and the best day ever and all, but our basement is getting water in it and now it smells funny. Not that that's stopping me from sitting down here on the computer. Otherwise, there would be no new blog post! And that would be kind of sad.

The show yesterday was a little bit odd, because it had been advertised as a gospel concert, but when they said 'gospel' they meant like, we love Jesus. However, little old ladies read the word 'gospel' and think of like, gospel music. Yeah. The Final Pardon is definitely not gospel. So all these little old ladies are coming in during the first act (the Taylor Family Band. Jazzy kind of stuff. Closer to gospel than TFP.) and we're standing by the door going 'This is bad. Yeah. No. This is going to bomb.' And you know what? It only bombed a little bit. The band that played after the Taylors and before us was a really cool worship band from Des Moines. They played lots of Hillsong United and some Chris Tomlin. Okay! Their lead electric guitarist was a flibbing madman! He was incredible! I mean, the guy was shredding to Chris Tomlin. I didn't know that was even possible to pull off. But it was definitely one of the coolest things ever. So yeah. Then we played, and it was alright, and musically it was pretty decent. It was kind of low energy though, mostly because the only people under 70 were our friends and family and they were all in movie theatre seats. You can't really expect a high-energy show when everyone is sitting down, or even standing in rows. High-energy requires more chaos than that. But despite whatever, it was alright, and we had a pretty good time.

That song by Relient K about being ADD is on. I love this song.

How come sometimes we do really silly things so that people we don't even really care about won't think we're dumb? Or just because that's what the other person does?

Sometimes I type like a n00b. But an intelligent n00b. If that makes sense.


PS) By the way, have a photo.


I'm like a cigarette, burning, burning every night...

Tonight after youth group Andrew, Sierra, Gabe, and Christian walked to Andrew's house again. We did that one other time, because we were hiding from Mom sort of. Today we just did it for fun. It also started raining reallyreallyreally hard before youth group and after worship practice, so I went out and stood in it and people thought I was insane. Some of them came out with me, but mostly they thought I was crazy, which I am. I adore rain. Absolutely.

I painted my nails black this afternoon, and it's a lot gone now.

Tomorrow after second hour I will go to the library and read Poe until third hour starts. This isn't normally what happens after second hour. But there's no band tomorrow, so I'll go to the library and read poetry. Because I like poetry.

I just noticed that if you take the '-try' out of 'poetry' you get 'poe'. Like Poe. Hahaha. I wonder if he ever noticed that. Probably not. He was a pretty messed up guy. And I'm a pretty random girl.

I sort of attemptedish to write poetry today. It wasn't really poetry though. And no, you can't see it.

Tuesday will be the coolest day of this week, hopefully.

Mara Tenille

PS) I have this 'burning' thing going on in my blog titles lately. *laugh* And you all though I wasn't a pyro...


There's a burning in my heart every day...

it's over! [/strongbad]

Anti-prom was pretty nice. I had fun. After the dinner we went bowling (I didn't bowl, but there were blacklights and stuff so Janelle and I had fun making stuff glow). Then the group of us that had been hanging out and going places and whatnot (Ben, Nate, Janelle, Andrew, me) all went to this place called Cafe Milo (pretend that 'i' has two dots over it). Now, normally the night would have been fairly normal, but of course, it's Viesha night, so there are drunk and/or high college students EVERYWHERE. So, we got mooned, and had lots of various gestures made at us and got laughed quite hysterically at for being in formalwear. It added an interesting twist to the evening. However, we were all tired enough that it wasn't as funny as it probably would have been if we were more awake. Getting mooned by half-drunk college students isn't much fun when it's 11:00 and you have a massive headache from the leftover bowling alley smoke fumes and you've already driven past hundreds of college students in the same condition. Overall, I had a good time. The performance was alright, too. Kind of boring, but whatever. I had envisioned it differently, but that's alright.

I have Teddy Grahams. You have no idea how awesome that is. Seriously.


Mara the Butterfly

If I had a million zillion wishes I'd use one to let you know that gibberish is not a nice way to talk to all your friends...

If I don't get a picture of Hans wearing eyeliner, I will be very upset.




Singing, this'll be the day that I die...

Holy flip. I haven't blogged in like, days! This will not do.

Hi. I just got off the treadmill. That was the saddest half-mile I think I've ever walked/jogged.

Friday is coming.

I have a fake tan. It's nice looking, I guess. I still think tanning is kind of silly, even if it's just a lotion, but it's still fun.




There's more to living than being alive...

My fingernails are red. So are my toenails. Hooray.

Today I went to church, then ate at potluck, then went and played tennis with some friends, and then attempted to watch a baseball scrimmage (I don't even know what a scrimmage is) but the boys we actually wanted to see weren't playing yet, and then came home, and here I am.

I'm kind of in a bad mood today, and I don't really know why, other than the fact that I'm tired. I couldn't sleep last night, and the night before I didn't sleep well, and yeah. Not fun.

My favorite website is for sale.



So have you been to a place like this...

I'm listening to some Underoath remix somethingorother on Radio U. Pretty exciting stuff.

Yesterday I went to one of Andrew's tennis meets. He did really well. He won both his matches. Today we're going to another one, I think. I also went dress shopping yesterday, which was fun. I picked a dress for Anti-prom, which I'm going to, because Andrew and I are the live entertainment and they invited us to stay for the evening. So, that'll be nice. I think Andrew's going to wear a tie. Hehe.

I need some lotion for my hands. They're all dry and gross.

Oh, I talked to Julie today. She's feeling better, but she's still sore and stuff. Thanks for your prayers!

IIIII don't know what else to talk about.


PS) Sometimes I can't think of titles so I edit them in later. :D


I'll take off my makeup, I'll stop and listen...

Hey, if whoever reads this could pray for my friend Julie, she was in a car accident this morning. She's at home and everything, but she doesn't remember much of the accident and she hit her head. On top of that, tomorrow's her 16th birthday, so it'll be lame if she's still not feeling well. Thanks guys!


I feel you scratching at the surface, under my skin...

School was okay. I found out that Jessica might be moving. Like, to another state. Yeah. I'm not even sure what to say to that.

I want caffeine.

I need to call Andy and remind him to answer his interview questions for the newsletter. That would be a good thing, because I want to have that done today. I also need to get ahold of Mrs. Lee, because I'm not giving Ben his guitar lesson tomorrow unless she wants to reschedule it to like, 2:00. Which is fine, probably. But whatever.

Man. I'm weird today.



This all seems so easy, but there's choices to make...

Okay this post is really short and sort of fast because I'm going to watch Em play tennis and stuff but I had a pretty good day and that's all kthxbai.



Saying that but meaning this, your tears for emphasis...

The service this morning was lovely. Everyone was so adorable. The girls were all dressed up and several of the boys wore suits and ties and yes. It was nice. However, I'm glad I don't have to wear dresses every week, not because I dislike dresses, but because they severely limit my ability to climb on things and to jump and stuff like that. Dresses aren't for spazzy people.

I had a cappuccino. It's gone now though. It was tasty.

I have to go do chores now.

Happy Easter again!

The Butterfly

Tell the world that Jesus lives...

Happy Easter, everyone!



I want to be beautiful, make you stand in awe, look inside my heart and be amazed...

Today was pretty good. Yes. It had it's share of lovely, glowing moments, and it's share of really stupid ones that weren't at all necessary, but it evened out enough to please me. These days are nice.

I am listening to Bethany Dillon. It's been a long time since I've listened to this album. I only have the first one, because I'm not a big enough Bethany Dillon fan to buy any more, but it's a pretty good album, and I enjoy it. I also like Nichole Nordeman. I need to get more of her CDs.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I am going to get The Question: Deluxe Edition by Emery and Come Together by Third Day. Those are the ones I have in mind at least. Whether I'll be able to find them or not, no one knows. Family Christian Bookstore is rather unpredictable as far as what it has in stock, so I'm crossing my fingers. Another good CD would be whatever that one by Nevertheless is called. I like them a lot. I might go for that instead of Emery, because I know I can find Emery cheaper than Family Christian will have it.

Tomorrow I give a guitar lesson and then meet with Wendy and then go home and run and then go shopping with Mom and then go watch Andrew, Em, and KT play tennis! Yay!



Your love is mine for the taking...


School was more normal today than it was yesterday, and ifyou don't know why and you'd like to, you can ask me, but it's not a very interesting story so I'm not oging to tell it here.

I can't type today.

I'm working on a rough draft of the Overflow newsletter that I'm heading up. Yep. Good stuff.

That's all for the moment.



And all this time you had no one to tell you how to love...

Andrew didn't sing. Why? Because I couldn't find the parts I thought I would be able to find. I was reallyreallyreally angry. Yep. It was no good.

The show went well though. Vocally, it was probably my best. Everyone responded really, really well, too. Lots of people came to see us. Fake Mom and Dad gave me flowers! They're the most awesome fake parents ever. Seriously. You all wish you had fake parents as cool as the Harmsen's.

Now, I need to get ready for church.