I don't know what everyone was staring at but I think that it's me...

TODAY I WENT TO ADVENTURELAND. I won some aminals. I played some games. I spent some money. I ate some food. I rode some rides. I got wet. I came home. I would post pictures, but they're all on my phone, and so I can't. We had fun though. It was Emily, Tonia, Erick, Sam, and myself. Yep.

I've been listening to Copeland all night. I love Copeland.

I ate a lot of food today and I still want more. This is no good.

I am only a little bit sunburned.

I'm out of stuff to say.


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  1. Hurrah. Eating food, riding rides, getting wet and posting pictures are all good, but winning animals is amazing.

    Copeland is the hilt of something nice.

    Growth Spurt!

    How nice. I'm not at all sunburned.