I'm like a cigarette, burning, burning every night...

Tonight after youth group Andrew, Sierra, Gabe, and Christian walked to Andrew's house again. We did that one other time, because we were hiding from Mom sort of. Today we just did it for fun. It also started raining reallyreallyreally hard before youth group and after worship practice, so I went out and stood in it and people thought I was insane. Some of them came out with me, but mostly they thought I was crazy, which I am. I adore rain. Absolutely.

I painted my nails black this afternoon, and it's a lot gone now.

Tomorrow after second hour I will go to the library and read Poe until third hour starts. This isn't normally what happens after second hour. But there's no band tomorrow, so I'll go to the library and read poetry. Because I like poetry.

I just noticed that if you take the '-try' out of 'poetry' you get 'poe'. Like Poe. Hahaha. I wonder if he ever noticed that. Probably not. He was a pretty messed up guy. And I'm a pretty random girl.

I sort of attemptedish to write poetry today. It wasn't really poetry though. And no, you can't see it.

Tuesday will be the coolest day of this week, hopefully.

Mara Tenille

PS) I have this 'burning' thing going on in my blog titles lately. *laugh* And you all though I wasn't a pyro...


  1. It ate my comment.

    I'll comment again later. 'kay?

  2. I love the rain sometimes, sometimes, not so much. I have none of your devotion to it, but I don't mind it.

    Poe was amazing. He would be on my list of the five greatest writers in the English language ever. In fact, he'd probably be second only to Shakespeare on my list. He was incredible.

    Does this mean his poetry was effortles, since he didn't have to "try"? [/lame]

    I think we prefer you as a pretty random girl.


    Friday will be the coolest day of this week.

    Ps) You ARE a pyro. At least. I always thought you were.