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it's over! [/strongbad]

Anti-prom was pretty nice. I had fun. After the dinner we went bowling (I didn't bowl, but there were blacklights and stuff so Janelle and I had fun making stuff glow). Then the group of us that had been hanging out and going places and whatnot (Ben, Nate, Janelle, Andrew, me) all went to this place called Cafe Milo (pretend that 'i' has two dots over it). Now, normally the night would have been fairly normal, but of course, it's Viesha night, so there are drunk and/or high college students EVERYWHERE. So, we got mooned, and had lots of various gestures made at us and got laughed quite hysterically at for being in formalwear. It added an interesting twist to the evening. However, we were all tired enough that it wasn't as funny as it probably would have been if we were more awake. Getting mooned by half-drunk college students isn't much fun when it's 11:00 and you have a massive headache from the leftover bowling alley smoke fumes and you've already driven past hundreds of college students in the same condition. Overall, I had a good time. The performance was alright, too. Kind of boring, but whatever. I had envisioned it differently, but that's alright.

I have Teddy Grahams. You have no idea how awesome that is. Seriously.


Mara the Butterfly


  1. Hurrah! Why didn't you bowl?

    Oops. That does rather add an interesting twist to the evening.

    I'm glad you had a good time, drunken college students with bare bottoms notwithstanding.

    I might have an idea, but I'm too tired to be anything but morose, so I can't really comprehend it, no.

    i promise I'll take a picture with my eyeliner on.

  2. You really should've bowled. Really. Bowling is awesome.
    ï ï ï ï ï ï
    And... I was going to make a comment about dart guns and the people mooning you, but I'm just not going to go there.