Singing, this'll be the day that I die...

Holy flip. I haven't blogged in like, days! This will not do.

Hi. I just got off the treadmill. That was the saddest half-mile I think I've ever walked/jogged.

Friday is coming.

I have a fake tan. It's nice looking, I guess. I still think tanning is kind of silly, even if it's just a lotion, but it's still fun.




  1. 't'won't do at all. See all those apostrophes? They are all happy that you're blogging again.

    But at least you did walk/jog it. That's far better than not walking/jogging it.

    Friday is, indubitably, coming, and your anti-Prom and my play performance, and all manner of other deliciousness, I'm sure.


    Yeah. I think it's silly too;}. I have eyeliner on, though, so we're at least even.

  2. I have a fake tan on right now as well. I bought some nasty lotion though and the strong scent is still on me.

    Hello Mara. :)

  3. I was going to say something about your blog entry, but I kinda got sidetracked by the idea of Hans wearing eyeliner.