So have you been to a place like this...

I'm listening to some Underoath remix somethingorother on Radio U. Pretty exciting stuff.

Yesterday I went to one of Andrew's tennis meets. He did really well. He won both his matches. Today we're going to another one, I think. I also went dress shopping yesterday, which was fun. I picked a dress for Anti-prom, which I'm going to, because Andrew and I are the live entertainment and they invited us to stay for the evening. So, that'll be nice. I think Andrew's going to wear a tie. Hehe.

I need some lotion for my hands. They're all dry and gross.

Oh, I talked to Julie today. She's feeling better, but she's still sore and stuff. Thanks for your prayers!

IIIII don't know what else to talk about.


PS) Sometimes I can't think of titles so I edit them in later. :D

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  1. I heard that remix. They also played underoath some five minutes before the remix. It was odd.

    The Anti-Prom bit makes me laugh.

    My lips keep getting chapped, and it's too warm and late in the year for that. It is irritating me. *irritation*

    Oh, good.

    The possibilities are endless, dear.