I won't say everything is right, it's not right, I don't see everything as right...

I have a roommate.  My deardeardear friend Laura is staying with me for a while while her really rad husband Andrew finishes being a computer nerd in Florida, and then he's going to move out to Des Moines as well and we'll all be best buddies.  But for real, I love them to pieces so I'm so excited to have Laura here.  We are having a lot of fun being roommates.  Except she has been dying of some flu virus grossness, but I think she's getting better.  A doctor gave her some drugs so that seems to indicate that the situation is going to improve.  Anyway, we have gone on a few adventures and it has been pretty great, and I'm pretty sure we'll do all the adventures over when Andrew moves out here since I'm sure he'll think they're the lamest thing ever.  I love it.

My kitty loves Laura more than me.  Because Laura has been sick and at home all week while I've been bringing home the bacon.  So unfair. *sniff*

The new Eisley album is so far pretty great.

Did you know that the Panera downtown closes at 8?  How weird is that?  What a horrible time to close.

Tonight Laura and I watched the movie Salt with Angelina Jolie.  It was alright.  We sat through it and even made fun of it some, and at the end I decided it had sufficiently entertained me for two hours, and that's really all I care about anymore in regards to movies.  Movies just suck anymore.  I haven't seen a good movie in a long time, with the exception of Inception, because Christopher Nolan is a genius.

My awesome big brotherfriend Patrick is coming over tomorrow.  I told him I'd cook him food.  That may have been a bad thing to say.  We will have either tilapia or chicken, I decided, because those are the only things I really cook.  If it can't be cooked on a George Foreman, microwave, or a saucepan I usually don't have anything to do with it.  Not that I can't cook.  I just don't.  So maybe it's good that I said I'd cook him lunch because then I actually have to cook something and it'll be good practice.  Or something like that.

I've decided this week that I really like Regina Spektor's music.  She's weird and quirky and bizarre.  I'm into those kinds of things.  I bought her album Far, and Eet and Machine are my favorite songs so far.

Time to sleep.  I hope you friends enjoyed my ramblings.