Either one of us takes the wheel, or all of us take the fall

Being at this school is stretching me a bit. I hatehatehate most of what goes on here. So many people are just gross and wrong and horrid to each other. Ugh. It makes me so angry. But at the same time, I'm learning so much. It's showed me what I have and who God is and what a difference He makes. This morning I was on the bus listening to The Fold and that song came on (the one with the line in the title of this blog, I don't know the name) and it really challenged me. I have the duty of showing these kids what Christ is like and who He is. That's why I'm here, and I have no right to hide in a corner watching everyone get more and more lost. Who am I to walk my righteous path and simply watch others go astray without saying anything? I have no right to keep God to myself.

Last night I went to a fellowship group thing. All the Christians from Ballard get together once a week before Wednesday night bible studies and one of them gets interviewed about their faith. It gives us something to talk about at school and a way to bring God up with others. It was really awesome, and now I know who the Christians are in case I need someone to beat me with a Bible when I'm having a bad attitude. It was also reallyreally fun. There are some awesome kids at this school, even if there are some idiots mixed in there.

I love my life. I love my friends. I love my God.

Mara Tenille


This is a song for your poor sick penguin

Guess who's at school? Haha. Yep, so I'm in Graphic Design waiting for the end of the hour. My project is finished and stuff so now we get to be bored online. CGR is being slow so I'm not on it, and I don't really go anywhere else so I'm blogging. I'm going to check my email now.



My dear, you're a threat to the bad in us all

Today was an awesome day, even if it was boring at times. Prairie Fest was mildly entertaining and I got to hang out with most all of my favorite people. I also got to swing. I said that I was going to swing higher than the sky, and Andrew said I couldn't. Something about gravity. He is wrong and I will make sure that someday he realizes that. I also broke up with my platonic boyfriend and he has been trying to win me back. So far I am only slightly impressed, so we'll see. Emily got a cute skirt that she doesn't like. She will be adorable in it though. Amy is awesome, as always. Adam brought his skateboard and did awesome trick things. Patrick was... normal. Which may or may not be a good thing. Peter laughed at my for dropping my pick in the guitar. He's taller than I am. Everyone was cool.

I should go sleep.

I adore my friends. They are wonderful.

Tomorrow I get to help lead worship. I am playing guitar and bass. And singing. yes. I have a solo *wins* I get to use my amp, I think. Which is fun. I never get to use my amp. I need to wake up early enough to shower and get ready and get all the equipment I need loaded up before we leave at 7:45.

Eventually I hope to merge this blog with my old one, since the new beta won't let me yet. But maybe I'll like this one better. Who knows?