I'm on fire when you're near me...

So, tomorrow is the show, and I'm sort of stressing because I don't have a mic for Andrew or anything to plug said mic into. And I have less than 24 hours to find one. Argh.

Ben called and I tried to call him back and he didn't answer. So I don't feel bad.

I don't want to go door-to-door fundraising tomorrow, but I have to. It's never as bad as it seems ahead of time. I actually have fun doing it once I'm actually doing it, but at this point I don't want to.

I listen to awesome music.




It's not in me to ask...

Small group was good. Well, the study was. Not that the rest was bad, but it wasn't my favorite. Basically, the girls kept talking about me and a*coughboycough* and wouldn't stop and it got annoying. Not because what they were saying was untrue, because it wasn't, but because it doesn't need to be talked about and I would rather study the bible, since that's why I go to small group anyway. It bothered me a little, and I got kind of irritated, but it wasn't all that bad really.

Dad forgot to pick me up from school this morning. So I sat there for an hour and then Andrew came over to the library where I wait for my ride to tell me that Mom just called and Dad's on his way and he forgot. So yeah. Then Dad bought me a box of those Gushers fruit snacks as a suck-up gift (Jason and I couldn't think of a word for it, so we're calling it a suck-up gift) because I like them. I still wasn't very happy. An hour and a half late is really, really late. Yeah.

The show is on Saturday and I have nothing to plug the keyboard and the second mic into. That's not cool.

This is not my day. I'm not depressed. Just irritated at life.



Sometimes all I try to do is maybe sleep 'til noon...

I highlighted my hair yesterday. I still can't decide if I like it. Everyone that has noticed has liked it though, so it can't be bad at least.

Today I:
Went to school.
Ate lunch at school.
Read in the library.
Came home.
Did some stuff.


I'm listening to Stellar Kart and I'm okay with that. I also played Call of Duty 2 for a little bit today. I can't get past this one part on like, the second level. I'm so bad at video games. *laugh* Except Wii Boxing. I kick humanity's butt at that game.

Maybe liking crappy music is kind of like guys and wearing pink. Except I think guys who wear pink are cool. So I don't really know.

I'm bored now.



All that I have is all that I forgot to say...

THEY'RE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!1!!1!!!11!!!!1


Today I went out to eat with my second family (Em and Andy and Mom number 2 and Dad
number 2 and Jeremy and Almost Mrs. Jeremy Harmsen) and Jacob and Little Fella. And then the teenager people picked up Andrew and we played tennis. It was awesome and fun and made me happy. Even though I sucked horribly. And Andrew almost killed me sort of almost. And it was uber windy. Suckage + wind = bad.

Tomorrow is school! Yay!

SpiralFrog is still not up.

I'm listening to a song from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants soundtrack. I don't have the CD, but I'd buy it if I didn't have such a long waiting list.

I'm high on Jesus. Hehe. *laugh*

Now I'm listening to Five For Fighting.

Basketball shorts are the most comfortable things ever. Everyone should wear them all the time. Seriously. I love them. And I just got another pair from my brother that actually fit me. I love basketball shorts.

You know what else I love? My little sporty skort thing that I got a couple years ago. I think it's awesome, but I never wear it, because I'm afraid of looking like a nerd and stuff. *laugh* I'm so insecure. Hahaha.

Well, I'm going to continue to satisfy my horrible taste in music with Goo Goo Dolls and Stacy's Mom and teenybopper pop hits and even *gasp* KELLY CLARKSON!!!!! Haha. Yeah. Seriously. Y'all thought I had better taste, didn't you? Think again.

Mara the butterfly


There are moments when I know it and the world revolves around us...

I just organized my internet bookmarks. I don't have to scroll anymore. I have an entire folder dedicated to stalker resources and that's funny.

The par-tay I had tonight was pretty awesome. I had lots of fun. It was good stuff, and you should all be sad you missed it. Haha. Right.

I need to sleep soon. Very soon. I'm tired.

I have the coolest pajama pants ever, just so everyone knows. I love them.

Tomorrow we're going to a Christmas get-together with my extended family. I might have said that already. I don't know. Whatever.

Okay. I'm getting incoherent. Bed time.



There's a clamor in your whispering tonight...

IIIIII still miss them.

We wrote a song yesterday! It's pretty good. I like it. It's actually out of my lyric writing blog. The first post, even. Yep.

Switchfoot is playing. Head Over Heels is a nice song. I like it.

Tomorrow I have to be on worship team, and I don't really want to. *sigh*

Copeland is on now. Control Freak.

I should design something awesome. Oh! I know! I'll make fliers for the show on the 31st! Yesss!



Is it over now, it isn't over now...

I still miss the New Orleans people. But we're going to make them jealous with all the awesome spring breaky plans we're making.

Today = Gabby Time. That means Pastor Gabe and all the girls are going to watch a movie.

Tomorrow = Band practice minus Andrew. We're going to write songs.

Wednesday = Party at Kacy's house. Food, people, a Wii, and four controllers. Yeah. Rock on.

Thursday = Nothing yet.

Friday = Nothing yet.

Saturday = Nothing yet.

Sunday = THEY'RE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Yep. That's my week.



It's only in your dreams...

I got to talk to Em and Andrew and Elise! I was so excited. I love them. I miss them. Yes. I miss them lots already.

Wow. It's 4:30 already. That's insane. An hour and a half until youth group. Tonight we're kidnapping Daniel and making him come to youth group. Because he hasn't been coming. And we love him. Even though he thinks it's because the world is out to get him. Psh. Silly boy.

Staples by Relient K is on. I love that song. I am a big old school Relient K fan.

Mess With Your Mind by Everyday Sunday is hilarious. I love it. I love a lot of songs. *laugh*

Sometime I'm going to whip out Dumpster Baby and play around with it a little bit.

The shuffle on Windows Media isn't working very well.

In Soviet Russia songs play you.



Amazing how life turns out the way it does...

By now the New Orleans people are probably at their hotel. I miss them, and it's only Saturday. Day one of seven. Here goes.

I forgot to ask Andrew what his favorite Anberlin songs were from the new album and now he's gone and that kind of irritates me. By the time he's home the moment will have passed and the question will be irrelevant. Blah.

Our keyboard is really disgusting and needs to be cleaned really badly.

My fingernails are Hawkeye colored. My left thumb is yellow, and the rest are black. Yep. My left thumb is almost always a different color than the rest of my fingernails. I don't really know why. Just because I'm random. I used to paint my right index finger differently, but I didn't like that as much.

I wonder if we have Lighthouse this week, since it's spring break. You know what would be cool? A Lighthouse MySpace. The schedule could be posted there and stuff, so everyone knows when it's canceled. I'm probably the only one that would care about that though.

Everyone should go get a Virb and be my friend.

*Fin is on. It's at the end where Stephen Christian is singing along with the crazy awesome percussion stuff. This song is so cool. Anberlin makes me happy.

I think later after my chores are done I will take pictures of myself. Maybe. Maybe I'll do that sometime later this week when I get really bored. Because I will be bored out of my mind this week. No school kills me after a couple days. Not to mention my three best friends are gone. I'm going to call Jessica up this week, I think, and see if she wants to do something fun. I don't know what we'd do, but it doesn't really matter to me. I just don't want to be bored all week. Haha.

I've been actually writing some. This is good. I'm going to do some of that this week, too. And recording and stuff, too.

Yep. That's all.



You can find me anywhere...

I have a whole 5 minutes to post this.

I had a sort of weirdly crappy day and I don't even know why. Maybe I'm just moody. Nothing terribly horrible happened, and everything that I wanted to go well went well, and was even better than I expected at times, but I am just not very happy today. *sigh* Whatever.

Practice went well. So did Little Ben's guitar lesson. And I had fun with Wendy (we went to get coffee. I made a mixed latte for the first time). School was alright. Well, actually it was really dumb a lot of the time, but yeah. I need to go now.



I'm in love with things I can't define...

Have you ever prayed for something to be taken from you and then had it taken away like you asked, and then been so distracted by the fear of it returning that it was nearly impossible to be thankful or to rejoice that it was gone?

I had an interesting conversation (if you can even call it a conversation) with a friend today. The kid just astounds me how people can try so hard to reach out to him and to show him they care about him, and he refuses to recognize it or even care, and then believes that no one cares about him and so he has no reason to care about them. I just... I can't even begin to understand how someone can be so loved and still refuse to love. People love him. It's just true. He's hilarious, he's thoughtful, he's brilliant, but he wants to be able to do whatever he wants. Ugh. I just want him to understand.

Small group was good. Kind of hard though. Today has been a weird day for me.

Mara Tenille

We're all guilty of the same thing...

Andrew got the new Disciple CD. I get to borrow it while he's in New Orleans. *clap*

Today at school I made a ton of copies for one of the teachers.

All my friends are abandoning me next week. I'm not going to N.O. because a parent has to go with you if you're under 18. I'm 16. And I have no parents going. Otherwise I totally would have gone.

I'm listening to the new Relient K stuff because Hans told me to.

I should do my algebra homework. Ugh. I really don't want to.

I'm hungry again. Gosh. Why am I always so hungry? It's so stupid.

I could see myself liking this new RK music.

Today I'm practicing with Andrew for the acoustic show. Any cover ideas?



This is the correlation of salvation and love...

Ice skating is the best ever. I would seriously go every day if I could. I had a blast. I am, however, scraped and bruised all over from falling and such. *laugh* It was awesome. And after the first half hour I wasn't actually that bad at it.

Emily and I got Elise a Bonsai tree growing kit for her birthday. Is that not the best present ever? Yeah. It even tops the Zebra mug, I think.

I want to play tennis. I'm going to try and get Emily to play with me. But we'll see. We're going shopping again this afternoon because she needs stuff for New Orleans. She's going there over spring break. So is Andrew. And Andy. And bunches of other people from church.

I'm worn out from skating. *laugh*

My cold is still gross, and it's turned into a cough.

My Anberlin high hasn't worn off yet.

I need new deodorant. And not all my mascara came off in the shower. That's annoying. I also want to get prints of some pictures. I wonder if we're going to WalMart. I could get some there, I think.

Have a good day everybody!



It was just like the sun, but more like the moon...

Yesterday was good. I got to hang out with Makensie after small group for a bit, so that was nice. I like Makensie. She's awesome.

Today I have to give Little Ben a guitar lesson. I don't know what I'm going to teach him though. So it'll be interesting. I kind of never know what I'm going to teach him until I get there and see what he's gotten better at. So I'm sure it'll be fine, but I always kind of feel like I should have some sort of plan or something. *shrug* Oh well.

Lighthouse liked the food we made them last night. I got lots of compliments on my cooking, which was funny, because I generally don't cook and when I do I'm not very good at it. Lately I've been better though. I think I just need to pay more attention.

No one woke up for morning family devotions except me. That's not normal.

I really need to get to school.



...It's not that I keep hanging on, I'm never letting go...

Emily and I got to hang out today. I had a lot of fun. We had a couple good conversations and played Gabe and Wendy's Wii, which I'd never played, and had a blast. I am almost a boxing pro. *wins*

I have a horrid cold that sort of sprung up all of a sudden over the last two or three days. It's nasty.

Anberlin still rocks like your mom.

I need to go read Jonah now.



...I want to break every clock, the hands of time could never move again...

Yesterday Hans and I had a brief conversation about the future and how much things change as time goes on. So, I've been thinking about it a little bit. What does the future hold? Is there any way to really know? Is planning your future around circumstances that could change really even worth it? Do I want to go to college? If not, what am I going to do? Am I going to get married right away? Where will I live? Will I stay home? What will the relationships I have now look like in a year? In five years? How much will things change before I graduate?

Yeah. I have no idea.

No school today. No school yesterday. Tomorrow I'm going to see my friends' band play at a coffeeshop in Ames. I'm excited. I just emailed Jason because I haven't talked to him in forever. No one is online. Taylor and Hans are both out of town. I'm kind of tired but I don't feel like going to sleep. I want to get a nice notebook. A pretty one. I should do that sometime. This is a long, weird paragraph.