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I have a whole 5 minutes to post this.

I had a sort of weirdly crappy day and I don't even know why. Maybe I'm just moody. Nothing terribly horrible happened, and everything that I wanted to go well went well, and was even better than I expected at times, but I am just not very happy today. *sigh* Whatever.

Practice went well. So did Little Ben's guitar lesson. And I had fun with Wendy (we went to get coffee. I made a mixed latte for the first time). School was alright. Well, actually it was really dumb a lot of the time, but yeah. I need to go now.


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  1. I dislike days like that. I'm sorry you had one, but, to the point--you've lived through it, so now you get to have a better day, today.

    Good, good.

    Oh, dear. I'm sorry for school's wrongs. If that's any comfort. *sigh*