This is the correlation of salvation and love...

Ice skating is the best ever. I would seriously go every day if I could. I had a blast. I am, however, scraped and bruised all over from falling and such. *laugh* It was awesome. And after the first half hour I wasn't actually that bad at it.

Emily and I got Elise a Bonsai tree growing kit for her birthday. Is that not the best present ever? Yeah. It even tops the Zebra mug, I think.

I want to play tennis. I'm going to try and get Emily to play with me. But we'll see. We're going shopping again this afternoon because she needs stuff for New Orleans. She's going there over spring break. So is Andrew. And Andy. And bunches of other people from church.

I'm worn out from skating. *laugh*

My cold is still gross, and it's turned into a cough.

My Anberlin high hasn't worn off yet.

I need new deodorant. And not all my mascara came off in the shower. That's annoying. I also want to get prints of some pictures. I wonder if we're going to WalMart. I could get some there, I think.

Have a good day everybody!


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  1. I love skating, but when I finish, I always feel hilariously funky in the parking lot when I stumble a bit because I feel like I'm still wearing skates.

    That's a wonderful present. I'm not sure it's the best ever, but it's awesome.

    I haven't played real tennis in ever. I've definitely played various games on a tennis court, including Ping-Pong, but never actual tennis.

    Why is everybody going to New Orleans except you?

    I'm sure you are.

    You are stronger than the cold and you will conquer it. Oh, YES! *inspirational *

    I'm trying to be careful to assure myself that it doesn't.

    Hmm. I have new deodorant. I like it a lot.