Amazing how life turns out the way it does...

By now the New Orleans people are probably at their hotel. I miss them, and it's only Saturday. Day one of seven. Here goes.

I forgot to ask Andrew what his favorite Anberlin songs were from the new album and now he's gone and that kind of irritates me. By the time he's home the moment will have passed and the question will be irrelevant. Blah.

Our keyboard is really disgusting and needs to be cleaned really badly.

My fingernails are Hawkeye colored. My left thumb is yellow, and the rest are black. Yep. My left thumb is almost always a different color than the rest of my fingernails. I don't really know why. Just because I'm random. I used to paint my right index finger differently, but I didn't like that as much.

I wonder if we have Lighthouse this week, since it's spring break. You know what would be cool? A Lighthouse MySpace. The schedule could be posted there and stuff, so everyone knows when it's canceled. I'm probably the only one that would care about that though.

Everyone should go get a Virb and be my friend.

*Fin is on. It's at the end where Stephen Christian is singing along with the crazy awesome percussion stuff. This song is so cool. Anberlin makes me happy.

I think later after my chores are done I will take pictures of myself. Maybe. Maybe I'll do that sometime later this week when I get really bored. Because I will be bored out of my mind this week. No school kills me after a couple days. Not to mention my three best friends are gone. I'm going to call Jessica up this week, I think, and see if she wants to do something fun. I don't know what we'd do, but it doesn't really matter to me. I just don't want to be bored all week. Haha.

I've been actually writing some. This is good. I'm going to do some of that this week, too. And recording and stuff, too.

Yep. That's all.


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