It's not in me to ask...

Small group was good. Well, the study was. Not that the rest was bad, but it wasn't my favorite. Basically, the girls kept talking about me and a*coughboycough* and wouldn't stop and it got annoying. Not because what they were saying was untrue, because it wasn't, but because it doesn't need to be talked about and I would rather study the bible, since that's why I go to small group anyway. It bothered me a little, and I got kind of irritated, but it wasn't all that bad really.

Dad forgot to pick me up from school this morning. So I sat there for an hour and then Andrew came over to the library where I wait for my ride to tell me that Mom just called and Dad's on his way and he forgot. So yeah. Then Dad bought me a box of those Gushers fruit snacks as a suck-up gift (Jason and I couldn't think of a word for it, so we're calling it a suck-up gift) because I like them. I still wasn't very happy. An hour and a half late is really, really late. Yeah.

The show is on Saturday and I have nothing to plug the keyboard and the second mic into. That's not cool.

This is not my day. I'm not depressed. Just irritated at life.


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  1. I hate to be contrary (Really. Contrary (HAR!) to appearances, I'd rather agree) but I'm inclined to say that it's just as natural and appropriate to their age for the girls in your small-group to talk about you and *coughboycough* as it is for you and *hackboyhack* to give them something to talk about.

    Oh, my. Well. On the plus side, you did end up with Gushers, which, while not enough to entirely make you forget the wrongs committed, there is no getting past the fact that you had Gushers.

    Oh, no. That's not cool.

    Ah, by the way, a better way of putting it might be "restitution", 'conciliatory gesture" or "gift of apology."

    Aw, that's too bad. Aye, vell.