And all this time you had no one to tell you how to love...

Andrew didn't sing. Why? Because I couldn't find the parts I thought I would be able to find. I was reallyreallyreally angry. Yep. It was no good.

The show went well though. Vocally, it was probably my best. Everyone responded really, really well, too. Lots of people came to see us. Fake Mom and Dad gave me flowers! They're the most awesome fake parents ever. Seriously. You all wish you had fake parents as cool as the Harmsen's.

Now, I need to get ready for church.


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  1. Oh, dear. Well.

    Maybe he would've blown his voice, or something, so it's all for the best.

    Ooh, that's awesome. I don't have any fake parents at all.

    I have no church on Mondays.