Get back on the runway, honey...

It's Wednesday!

I'm not going to Lighthouse tonight, partly because it's getting lamer and lamer by the second and partly because Mom said that tonight I should just stay home, because I'd only be there for like, an hour. I'm going to hang out at Wendy's with a bunch of friends at 6:30, and I typically get to Lighthouse at 5:30. So, I'm going to sit at home for another hour and fifteen minutes and then leave for Wendy's with some yummy cookies in my rainboots. Why rainboots, you ask? Well, because all freaking day long it's been raining. Like, a lot. Not the awesome harcore crazy rain, but a lot of rain nonetheless. Normally, this would be really awesome and the best day ever and all, but our basement is getting water in it and now it smells funny. Not that that's stopping me from sitting down here on the computer. Otherwise, there would be no new blog post! And that would be kind of sad.

The show yesterday was a little bit odd, because it had been advertised as a gospel concert, but when they said 'gospel' they meant like, we love Jesus. However, little old ladies read the word 'gospel' and think of like, gospel music. Yeah. The Final Pardon is definitely not gospel. So all these little old ladies are coming in during the first act (the Taylor Family Band. Jazzy kind of stuff. Closer to gospel than TFP.) and we're standing by the door going 'This is bad. Yeah. No. This is going to bomb.' And you know what? It only bombed a little bit. The band that played after the Taylors and before us was a really cool worship band from Des Moines. They played lots of Hillsong United and some Chris Tomlin. Okay! Their lead electric guitarist was a flibbing madman! He was incredible! I mean, the guy was shredding to Chris Tomlin. I didn't know that was even possible to pull off. But it was definitely one of the coolest things ever. So yeah. Then we played, and it was alright, and musically it was pretty decent. It was kind of low energy though, mostly because the only people under 70 were our friends and family and they were all in movie theatre seats. You can't really expect a high-energy show when everyone is sitting down, or even standing in rows. High-energy requires more chaos than that. But despite whatever, it was alright, and we had a pretty good time.

That song by Relient K about being ADD is on. I love this song.

How come sometimes we do really silly things so that people we don't even really care about won't think we're dumb? Or just because that's what the other person does?

Sometimes I type like a n00b. But an intelligent n00b. If that makes sense.


PS) By the way, have a photo.

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  1. No! *raises hand* IT'S THURSDAY!

    You know, changing up in the face of routine can be good, even if it's uncomfortable.

    Rainboots are good stuff. I don't have any.

    No blog post would be regrettable.

    Your concert was at least an interesting one and will make a great story for you, later in your career, so I say it's all well, because it ends well. *authoritative nod*