They fly north when winter is done, and we get burned in the summer sun...

300th blog post.  *rockfist*

Congratulations to Iowa for being awesomer than ISU.  I will always love you, Hawkeyes.

With this post being sort of momentous, I will now bring back the playlist that I've been working on, so everyone can listen to some of the best music ever written while they read, or do chores, or browse the interwebs, or stuff like that.  Yay!  Hopefully everyone is pleased with that.  I received several complaints about the lack of music.  I updated the original playlist and added lots of awesome new songs.  If you have any songs you'd like to see added or that you think I forgot, let me know.

This weekend has been a pretty good weekend.  Made some money.  Played with some cute kids.  Watched some awesome football.  Got my Ballard hoodie and a free t-shirt.  Ate lots of crap that I shouldn't have probably eaten.  Stuff.  Good times.

You know what?  I think Bass has a point, and I should do another round of dedication posts.  That would be a good way to celebrate breaking 300 posts.  I will start that soon.

Tomorrow is church, and I have to be there a little bit early, so I need to sleep.

Mara Tenille
The Butterfly

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  1. 300!

    Eating lots of crap that you shouldn't is a great time. Making money is not normally a great time, but has redeeming qualities all its own. I'm sitting here thinking about that food comment, and hoping to blazes I don't gain the freshman fifteen. *fright*