Someone please save us, us college kids...

I have East Village Opera Company stuck in my head.  Nevertheless, I don't speak any languages except English, so they are not gracing the title of this blog.
Right now I am in school sitting on the computer doing basically nothing.  I am sort of waiting for something to inspire me so I can make this poster better, but it looks good as it is, and nothing better is coming to mind.
Today I start at DMACC.  I am really excited.  My camera is all ready to go and I have all my books and stuff.  Today and Wednesday I have Photography, and Tuesday and Thursday I have Speech.  I am mostly excited for Photography, but I am sure I'll like Speech as well.
In English we are writing an 8-10 page research report.  I think I am going to do mine on the Bronte sisters.  I also am thinking about doing it on Edgar Allen Poe, or on something musical.  I think it will be fun to research something that I get to pick.  I think I can handle 10 pages, but we'll see.


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