Lately the weather has been so bipolar, and consequently so have I...

This blog is going to be sort of short.

This afternoon I am leaving to go to Okoboji and Elise's graduation party with Sierra and Emily.  Hopefully it will be lots of fun.  It is supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend, which is a bummer, but we will find ways to entertain ourselves even if it isn't warm enough to swim.

I still need to pack.

Next week we leave for the Summer Retreat!  I am excited.  Hopefully it is nice weather for that, too.  Rock climbing + white water rafting = the best.

I need to get a planner really badly.  I keep forgetting about things.  I have to have some semblance of a routine in order to remember anything, so once school got finished my organizational skills went down the drain or something.  Ugh.

This weekend will be nice.


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