Take my hand to the Promised Land, on you I want to stand, because I cannot do this on my own...

Today is one of those days that seems to keep bouncing back and forth between amazing and awful.  *laugh*  Right now it is a good day.  I will explain.
So, today I went to school.  That was uneventful.  Then I came home and then I left again.  I was later than I wanted to be, so I was already sort of uppity.  I went to the bank and then managed to cash the check that I had meant to deposit, so that was a little bit embarrassing and ridiculous, but then I eventually managed to sort it all out by cashing everything and then depositing some of the cash.  So, that worked out fine actually, but it felt like a disaster.  Then, as I was peeling out of the parking lot (not really) the cash that I had just gotten flew off of the little cupholder thing and onto the floor in front of the passenger seat.  So, I was like "Oh snap!  I am an idiot!" and then I sort of freaked out.  So, I stopped to get some Nectar of the Gods, known to most as Mountain Dew, from the fountain at Casey's and went to pick up the money off the floor and I couldn't find the ten.  The $20 was there, and the photo from prom that I will talk about later, and so I was flipping out all over myself.  Then I went in to get my delicious cup of heaven, and then came back and I looked and the $10 was stuck up above the little drawer under the passenger seat.  So then I was happy again.  Then I went to Sally Beauty to get some nail polish, and it was Buy 2 Get One Free!  And since I was planning on buying two anyway, that was pretty fantastic.  However, throughout my time in Ankeny I inadvertently drove rather maniacly, so then I felt stupid again.  Then I also realized that I already bent the picture that Andrew and I had taken at prom, and I've only had it since this morning, so I was man.  And now I am in class and happy because my papers are done and I have Mountain Dew.  The end.
Now that that is out of the way, I will talk about other stuff.
Only a few more days of DMACC and I am done for the year.  That is awesome.
The Olson's are here!  Yay!
I miss Andrew terribly.
My rockin' awesome graduation bonfire is on Friday, May 22nd at 7.  You should come!
Mara Tenille


  1. When are your finals? Mine are all next week. It is going to be crazy.

  2. I only have a final for ASL, and that is on Tuesday during our normal class time. For English we just have a paper to write, and we started it a while back so we just need to wrap it up and then we're done. So yes! I am happy to be nearly done.