Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you...

Okay. I have not blogged in a very long time. So, here is a breakdown of the last while.

Prom was wonderful. I had such an amazing time. The dance was way more fun and way less perverted than my friends had made it sound, and although the first hour kind of dragged, we were definitely not ready for it to be over once 11:30 rolled around. However, we were soon off to post prom, which was also a lot of fun. We bowled and played some games and won some rockin' prizes. I won a digital camera, which is really awesome, because my old one was pretty lame. Andrew and Jessica each won some iPod speakers, and Greg won a 19" flat screen TV. I don't remember if anyone else won anything other than t-shirts and coupons and stuff. Coupons are lame prizes, by the way. If you are ever planning a post prom, don't use coupons as prizes, unless they are really cool coupons. 20% off your bill at Perkins does not equal cool.

Hmm. What else has happened since prom. I don't know. Probably just random, uneventful things. I am not really thinking too clearly, because I currently have the respiratory flu. I have a low fever and I keep coughing up my lungs. It's not really very fun, but I will get over it eventually. I didn't go to school today, which was pretty nice. I was supposed to go hang out with Gabe today, but it doesn't look like that will happen unless my fever is gone and I can convince Mom, which is highly unlikely.

Wendesday I have my third and final video check due in ASL. I hope I don't do as crapfully on this one as I did on the last one.

On Saturday I am going to Eli's tee ball game! Yay! I am super excited for that, actually. I think Andrew is maybe going to come with me so I don't have to drive to Des Moines alone.

Well, I am going to go and find some food and make some cappuccino and do homework. I have a lot to get done. Hopefully I will be able to nap for awhile, too. That would be good.

The rather ill Butterfly

PS) Cafe Diem and Blinks have not gotten back to me. I will stop in to Cafe Diem sometime soon though, and I will see if Ben still has all of his Blinks connections. I am trying to be proactive.


  1. Yeah the dance was very very fun. And coupons do make pretty lame prizes except for the coupons that give you stuff for free. I'm glad you didn't go to school. Get lots of rest!


    You pictures are great. You and Andrew (mostly you though ;)) looked fantastic.

    I never went to prom. I really wish I had.