I have heard that winter's cold will give way to summer's warmth...

Sometimes I make myself do things that I don't want to do just because I don't want to do them.  How does that make sense?  I don't want to do something, so I make myself do it?  If I don't want to go somewhere, why not just not go?  If I want to use my spare time to play Sims instead of crocheting, why not just play Sims?  Seriously.  I'm wacky.

I drink far too much Diet Mountain Dew.  I need to ween myself down to one can a day.  That will happen starting tomorrow, since I'm on can number 2 for today already.  I don't ever drink more than one bottle, or two cans, but I don't need that much, so that's going to stop.

I am sniffling and sneezing all over the place.  Matt and I both are getting colds.  So far Steve and Mark are both healthy, but we'll see how long it is before we infect them, too.

You know what sucks?  When you can't go out with your boyfriend because you have a cold, and if he catches your cold and then his sister catches it from him she could end up in the hospital.  Getting colds doesn't normally suck all that bad, but when you could hospitalize someone because of your cold that is just really, really crappy.  That said, my date with Andrew tomorrow night is still on unless I am worse in the morning.

Tonight I am going to the women's Christmas dinner at church.  I want to wear my purple tights, but I don't know what else to wear with them.  Suggestions?  Maybe I should be like Bethany at do.think.wear.see.love.dream and post a picture of the outfit!  Bethany is a friend of my aunt's, and her blog is one of my favorites.

Speaking of my aunt and blogs and stuff, I got a blog award from Manda!  But that is another post for another time.  I will try to talk about that later on tonight.  Right now I am doing a lunch break blog.

Check out those babies.  I bought myself a set of
Full Metal Jacket Skullcandy Earbuds for cheap off Amazon to replace the ones that Inali ate.  Hopefully they are awesome whenever they finally get here.

Time to make more ads.

Mara Tenille

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  1. I am very excited to go out with you tomorrow! Hopefully you are still feeling better tomorrow.