The collapse of the world on the quietest day, this time it's the sun standing still...

The title of this blog is from "...Still" by Deas Vail.  However, I am listening to Owl City right now with my rockin' new earbuds that FINALLY CAME.  They are awesome.  They sound pretty good and they're super cute.  I am still going back and forth between sizes of the little rubber things.  So far I am happiest with the middle size.

Tonight I thought I had to babysit, but after some confusion about what night the church Christmas party was on, I learned that I didn't have to.  So we went to Andy's basketball game.  It was good.

I still haven't talked about my award.  Grrrr.  Okay, I should get to that soon.  I will try to do that tonight or tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am waking up and going to Christmas program practice to help fit the kids in their costumes.  Then I might go get some food with Em, and then I'm going back to church for worship team practice, and then I'm going out with Andrew.  It will be a busy day I guess.

I am so cold today.

I couldn't go to work all week except for Monday because of the lame snow storm.  That is kind of frustrating to me.  I feel poor now.  But I'm actually not poor, so it's okay.

I feel especially boring today.


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