I'm sorry that I can't take this pain away from you, I'd put it on my own body if I knew how to...

Don't you just wish that people understood you all the time?  That when you stumble over your words and when your facial expressions don't exactly match what you're trying to say that people would just get it, instead of getting all caught up in the how you said this or that and how you didn't actually look like you meant it and blah, blah, blah.

I would really like the CD "A Burn and a Shiver" by Edison Glass.

No one must like my blog anymore.  Google Analytics says I haven't had a visitor since December 7th.  That's kind of sad.  Maybe my blog is just boring now.  I'm not always very interesting, so I can understand that.

You know what else I wish?  I wish that when you wanted someone to know something they would just know it, instead of having to try and explain it to them.  That kind of goes along with what I said earlier.  I wish I didn't have to use words, and instead I could just feel and people would just get it.  I'm not good at talking.  I don't know how to say things, and I don't know how not to sound like a jerk, and I don't know how to make people relate to me.  I don't always know how to relate to people, either, which just adds to the issue.

I am singing a Bebo Norman song for Christmas Eve.  I like that.

Guess what I got for Christmas already?  My dragonfly ring.  It's beautiful.  I love my boyfriend.

Speaking of Christmas, that is coming up.  I have all my shopping done, which is awesome.  Mom's present probably won't come on time, but that is okay.  I got her an awesome thing.

Tonight Andrew has a band concert, and I'm going to it.  That should be a fun thing.  I might call Kim and see if I can stop over to give the boys their Christmas presents.  Carter, Owen, and Lewis got me the coolest Superman poster EVER for Christmas this year.  I got them some pretty sweet stuff too.  Klutz books FTW.

Right now I'm cutting out a picture of some cheerleaders.  They are wearing huge blue bows in their hair.  It's pretty tedious work, I tell ya'.  Cutting out black uniforms on a black background is not easy stuff.

Anyway, I am totally out of even remotely interesting things to say, so this is the end of today's blog post.



  1. No visitors? I assume that means no new people. Because I have definitely been on here multiple times since. Dec 7th. I'm glad you like your ring. I hope you like your birthday present just as much.

  2. I confess; I have been derelict. I should like very much to say that I have been a daily visitor, but I have been a poor excuse for a loyal reader.

    Interpersonal relations can be a trial and an error. I, too wish I knew how to make people understand me, and how to explain things, and how to convince everyone that I'm not a jerk, and how to not try to live up to the good opinions people occasionally develop of me. People are confusing, and I am confusing, and for once, similarity in aspect does not breed flawless cohesion.