You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I tried to sleep...

I like this song, and I like Owl City.  A lot of people like Owl City, it seems, which is cool.  Sophie insists that she liked them before the rest of the world knew about them, but I think that in reality she just found out about them at the same time as everyone else, so she already knew who they were when everyone started talking about them.  But you know, hey, maybe she's right.  If she read this, which she probably won't, she would probably bring up the time when I said that I thought up the saying "real men wear pink" before I had ever seen a t-shirt that said it.  She translated that to mean "I thought of the phrase 'real men wear pink' before anyone else did," and now she won't let me live down something that didn't even really happen.

So, the dude that is Owl City?  He loves Jesus.  I love it when I find an artist that I like and then I find out AFTERWARD that they love Jesus.  High five for you, Adam who is Owl City.  I am glad you know Jesus, and I am glad you are a fellow insomniac, and I'm glad your music is so awesome.

Life is basically perfect at this moment.  Animal crackers, coffee, and Owl City.  Fantastic.

NaNoWriMo update:  It is going surprisingly well.  I am not too overly stressed about it, and I have gotten my writing done every day so far.  Sarah (she is da bombdiggity, and she lives in Ohio) showed me this thing called Write or Die, where you tell it how many words you want to write and how soon you want to write them and how badly you need to get it done, and then it forces you to write by making an obnoxious sound or throwing a pop up in front of you or deleting your words until you start writing again.  It is awesome at tricking you into thinking that something terrible will happen if you don't keep writing.  Psychological manipulation is great.

Today someone thought I was 22 years old. *pumps fist*

Well, tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, which is lame, but whatever.  I won't even tell you about the disgusting issues I'm having, except that my hair looks awful.  That's all you need to know.

On the brighter side of things, Andrew and I are going to FINALLY see Where the Wild Things Are tomorrow, and I am really excited.  I've been waiting for this movie since last spring when they first released the trailer.  We're going to get gelato at Stam beforehand, too, which is tasty and delicious and fun.

I have pink Chucks on.  I will have pink Chucks on for another 26 days.


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  1. This is me showing some love to your blog.

    Owl City is pretty alright.

    You love Jesus, too, so he's your brother.

    You also love Stam.

    And pink Chucks. I have to admit they're pretty darn cute.