Halfway around the world lies the one thing that you want...

A friend of mine is leaving at the end of this week. One of my best. He is my big brother, and I am his baby sis'. When I want to laugh the hardest I go to him. When I need to be cheered up he always makes it happen. We shared earbuds and annoyed the people around us by humming along with the songs we were listening to, or sometimes just belting it out as if everyone could hear the music. Sometimes in school we had southern accent days, or sometimes we had musical days where we could only sing the things we said. We just had fun all the time. He very quickly grew to be one of my favorite people. I don't want him to leave. But Patrick will be leaving for UNI on Saturday, and that will be that.

And to add to all of that business, I miss Andrew. Tomorrow is his birthday. He will be 18. He comes home on Saturday. One more week. I can do it.



  1. Southern accent days are my favorite. Remember you'll have Thanksgiving every year with Uncle Weathy. *laugh*

    Missing people is sad, but it also reminds us how much we care about them. Which is kind of nice really.

    I am always surprised how much I enjoy TFK when they pop up on your playlist.

  2. Woo hoo...you can elope tomorrow!!!

  3. aww marae....I'm going to miss Patrick as well. :( He definitely has a habit of making people laugh... alot.

  4. There are multiple tricks of the mind I've taught myself such that I can feel a corresponding surge of joy to the surge of pain that accompanies missing friends, but I don't think any of them are relevant right now. In fact, I venture to say that the following is all that is: it hurts to be away from dear friends. It hurts badly.

    Stiff upper lip, Mara. I know you've got one, and I agree wholeheartedly with your final sentence. I may or may not kick up my heels and wave pom-poms to it. *shifty*

  5. I am going to karate chop my sister.

  6. You should hurry and do that Mrs. D, before my mom beats you to it. *grin*