I hold it all when I hold you...

Hello little blog! I am back from vacation. I will not proceed to tell you all about it.

The family reunion was first, and was fun. Not really anything to comment on there, except that my cousins have some really cute kids.

The vacation part of the vacation was good. I got sort of homesick, so I am glad to be home. I kayaked a teensy bit, just around the little swimming area of the lake. I didn't really swim lots, but I did fish a little bit, but we declared that the lake was mostly fishless. I also crocheted like a little old lady. I made some neato things. And I lounged around the cabins and gained a couple pounds, but that brings me to my next point... the diet plan! W00tW00t!

So, Andrew informed me a couple of weeks ago that after he is back from Houston he is going to stop eating junk food and start working out, and that I had to make sure he did it. So, in order to motivate him, and in order to buff up my bod, I am going to do it too. So I am going to cut out junk food and pop and start working out more. So, Andrew is supposed to keep me motivated, and I am supposed to keep him motivated, and if anyone else would like to join us in either getting in shape or keeping us motivated, you are more than welcome. So, here is my thinking:

  • At least 100 crunches per day
  • No junk food. This includes chocolate, candy, and Pop Tarts. Basically all my favorite things. *sniff*
  • Yoga and Pilates, baby.
  • Once a week I can have Mountain Dew or candy or chocolate. Just once a week. No exceptions.
  • This shindig starts when Andrew gets back. Which will either be Thursday or Saturday, if I remember right

So yep. That's the deal.

Anyway, I have to go and unload stuff now.

I miss my boy. *sniffle*

The Butterfly Child


  1. I joined you before you started.

    Being healtier is heck of cool. And sometimes, I do not even miss the junk food.

  2. Yes, for sure keep us motivated. I never last very long, but this time I plan to so help.