Jesus doesn't hate Santa Clause, because he knows Santa only does his job

Merry Christmas! It is almost Christmassy here kind of. It never really ever feels like Christmas it seems. It's always just one other day that's not quite the same and that begs for attention from shoppers and little kids who watch too much TV. It wants to feel like Christmas every year, but it seems like it never really does. It's like birthdays, and how you never feel like you've grown up any differently than any other day when it finally gets to your birthday. But it actually kind of feels like Christmas. Like a special day.

I cleaned out my dresser and got rid of bunches of clothes. It was good but I'm sad because I really like my clothes. I still have lots, and I'll probably be getting more. However, I must say, I have some really awesome clothes as it is.

I am listening to Happy Christmas Volume 4. I love this CD. Everyone should go buy it for themselves and their best friend, since it's Christmastime and all.

Whoa. According to Aspell, Christmastime is one word. I didn't know that until I typed it up there. Weeeiiirrrd.

My CD stopped. *sad*

I wrapped my sister's present. It looks Christmassy and stuff.

Tomorrow morning I go to church and sing and then we go home and clean for a little bit and then family comes over and we open presents and then we go back to church and I might sing again at the end and then come home and eat!

Mara, who is still a dragonfly.

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  1. Merry Christmas Mara!

    (There is no Santa Clause!! [/meany] because he is DEAD!