Everything is wrong but everything will become right

This post needs to be colored.

It's interesting to think about who would be at your funeral if you died today. Who would cry for you and who would speak for you and who would even show up. Hmm. I would express my ponderings, but they aren't really wording themselves in a way that makes any sense. *shrug*

I babysat today. And had my algebra final. Both went pretty well.

So, I had this algebra thing (that counts for 1/4 of my semester test grade) that I did really badly on. So I was whining about this to MathBoy about how I didn't want to pull my grade down (I'm getting an A so far) and he figured out that even if I get a complete zero on the rest of my test, the worst that could happen is I would pull my grade down to a C-. Which is still really bad, but it made me feel a little better to know that I won't flunk out of Algebra. I have no idea why I am blogging about this, but whatever I guess. It's my blog.

Tomorrow is the Christmas party that the band is playing at. I'm excited. It should be really fun. We have one song that has an awesome guitar soloish, and one song that has some hXc action, and one song that Bassist sings in, and one song that I'm playing keyboard on. It will be really cool!

Well. I'm going to go do something productive now.


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  1. Equally interesting is the fact that twice in the past week, I've left you comments, and they haven't shown up. Tsk.
    It is interesting to think about one's own funeral. I don't especially like the thought of that, because I can never be sure who would show up, and who I'd be viciously surprised to see hadn't.
    I'm glad for both, then.
    Well, it is your blog--content is pretty much up to you.

    I do hope the party show went well. If the song with hXc action involves screaming, please, please, please make sure you're screaming right. It isn't worth your vocal cords.