You would know you have my heart if you could see what I see

I've had that song stuck in my head for like, 2 days now.

Today is my mom's birthday! You should all email her.

I'm at school. I don't really feel well. Kind of icky. Blah.

There is actual real live music on The Final Pardon's MySpace and PureVolume now. It doesn't sound that bad, either. You should all go listen to it. So far everyone has liked it.

It's cold in here. *shiver*

Daniel is wearing silvery green nail polish. That I loaned him.

I woke up before 7:00 today! Hooray for me!

Tomorrow is the Impact rally. We're playing Rainy Day. I'm excited. *grin*



  1. Woo! I'll go check it out. Hope tomorrow goes well for you. Have fun!


  2. Hooray for Mara! I normally wake up before 7. *grin*

    I like the real live Final Pardon.

  3. Hey, ma'am-

    Today is not your mother's birthday, and you had a show you should be talkin' 'bout. *raised eyebrows*