So please come to your window, I've been throwing rocks all night

Is it just me or have my blog titles been rather emo lately? Hmm. Weird.

My birthday is in 7 days! I'm excited. Christmas Eve is tomorrow, which is insane. It will be fun though. I am singing tomorrow night at the service with Andrew, who's going to play piano and not sing, even though he could and it would sound really pretty. I'm playing guitar with the song a little bit too. It should be pretty good.

Today we are going to Aunt Deb's house for Christmas. I'm not going to delve any further into this topic.

Only One by Lifehouse is on right now. I like this song a lot and I always forget it. I really, really like Lifehouse. If I really thought about it, they would probably be on my top five. That said, I think right now I will make a semi-thought-through top five for your enjoyment. I think I've done this before.

House of Heroes
Relient K

Probably not in that order, but you know, whatever. I'd have to really sit and think about bands and all those aspects that make a band good and all.

Anyway. I need to go now.

Mara, who is a dragonfly today, and not a butterfly.

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