I don't believe in miracles, but I believe in you

Today was an interesting day. I was in a really bad mood by the time I got to Lighthouse, but then it got better and then it was good the rest of the night. Tonight I got some tea and a mug and a really pretty butterfly ring from my Secret Santa who turned out to be Makensie. I love her. She's awesome. School was alright. I'm tired, but I want to try and record some stuff really quick. I should probably get on that soon. Tomorrow I have to meet Emily by the pop machines at 9:30 if Mrs. Ronca will let me. I will ask her. I'm sure she'll let me leave, since I will most likely be done by then. I had a sub in every class today. It was weird. Anyway, here ends the paragraph of randomninity. Thank you and goodnight.

Mara the Butterfly


  1. I've come to realize you use 'interesting' as a synonym for any number of bad things.
    As I haven't the privilege of knowing Makensie, I'll take your word for it. Three cheers, I say, for Makensie.
    Yes, you probably should. I really ought to have recorded stuff yesterday, but my voice is in horrible shape right now.
    And what will you and the esteemed Emily be doing?

    You needed some applause to go with that 'thank you".

  2. I sent you a b-day card but the post office lady sent it for fast delivery, and not by regular mail..so you might get it much sooner then your actual b-day.

    An applause sounds better with more people.